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Sometimes it takes many good minded souls to save us from the follies life sometimes lie at our feet. An upstart to be being a pacifist I am sometimes referred to. However when I see something foul I will say something, I must state my views because it is my responsibility to the society in which I live and, the society which is my family and my life. Therefore, at the end of the day it does not matter if you are offended by the thoughts that can contribute to saving society then you need to look beyond the problem to see the solution. So thank you guys for pointing out the problems: now let us look beyond them for the solutions.

There are many issues with which we struggle with everyday, and the one called separatism is what I have highlighted by using the medium of an article which I found very pertinent to this issue.


Our society is hurting not from plain all out racism but from elements in our society which chose to create wedges between different peoples based on class, creed, ethnicity, religion, political persuasions and any other characteristic that they use to differentiate between themselves and the rest of society. You can observe this inter- and intra-race showing that race is not the issue. This separatism is what is being disguised as racism. It is groups of different people wanting to establish themselves as separate and identifiable within a society in which they feel alienated and alone.
Loneliness brings fear and insecurity. When people feel like this they tend to put up fences and society falls into an 'us versus them' syndrome……….....


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