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" A Deceitful Contradiction of Common Sense"
In Response To: Observe this... ()

So you are better at observing typographical errors, than you are at relating to your own issues.

The Express, Guardian, Newsday even the TV6 Reporters sometimes make mistakes in typographical or verbal communication. Many times on this particular Web-site I observe errors in typing. That in no way discredits Sensible Dialogue.
Even so, some people are better at typing than at thinking.

If the purpose for sharing your views is to share it truthfully then 'DON'T WASTE TIME CESSPOOLING WITH PETTINESS."

"Share your views on how to alleviate the racism that hurts humanity." Thats the issue.

Disorders of the intellect shows up often when people are afraid to relate to their own realities or repress sensible dialogue fearing sober probabilities.
I have no war with you. I disagree with parts of an article that wasn't even written by you. Since you posted the article all I ask is for a better understanding of your views.

The purpose of exchanging views ensures that fictions never operate in the mind as reality, and that the truth when it reveals itself reveals itself completely.

The mischief of narrow-mindedness is that of suppressing or avoiding honest questions.
This is not about I against you or we against them. Shame would prevail if the ability to 'Reason is Defeated.'

{We all know our own faults and know them generally with many aggravations which human perspicacity cannot discover, there is, perhaps, no man, however hardned by imprudence or dissipated by levity, however sheltered by hypocrisy, who does not intend at sometime to review his opinions, and regulate his mind by the laws of integrity.}

I have no hatred for Race, Ethnicity, or Culture neither do I take "disguised" sides with Political Parties.
Again I'm simply asking you to give your own views on how to "alleviate the racism that hurts humanity.'
Is that to difficult for you?

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