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Re: Truth Mixed with lies are the Devil's Comfort
In Response To: The trouble with Aryans ()

No matter what name is posted the true character stands out.
Truth mixed with lies is truly the comfort of the "Otherwise"

YES, the real issue was created long ago. "The lie of Superiority"
But I assure you that the pressures, pain, prejudices and victimization suffered by (eg.)Africans in South Africa and around the world did not come from Confused or Easily-misdirected Minds. It was and still is a deliberate well organise, well calculated and well planned act of wickedness.
The unrepentant transparent speech of an oppressor, will always be to neutralize and pascify the reactions of their Victims.
since your post was not written by you.
(a)"Bullying is not persuation it is coercion." What Hypocrisy. { BULLYING ON ANY LEVEL IS EMPHATIC ABUSE'
(a)"To Heal ourselves and Heal each other"......."It takes COURAGE intelligence judicial tolerance VULNERABLE POWER and transparent speech. (???????) Courage and vulnerable power? That just doesn't make sense!!!
Which one of the Super Powers, Hate Organisations or Socialists Governments ever kept themselves vulnerable--------"exposed, susceptible unprotected or defenseless. "WHAT A DECEITFUL CONTRADICTION OF COMMON SENSE"

Why don't you give your own personal views on how to alleviate 'the racism that hurts humanity.'

Don't be afraid to bear your soul. Speak the Truth freely. (FOR YOURSELF)

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The trouble with Aryans
Re: Truth Mixed with lies are the Devil's Comfort
Observe this...
" A Deceitful Contradiction of Common Sense"
Re: Observe this...
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