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Message from Almighty God


Who do you people think you are to tell Me what I should or should not do? Who gave you the right to tell Me who I should or should not put on My shoulder?
She is My creation; she has a heart that can be changed when that heart is touched by the truth. Who gave you the right to judge or condemn her? I am the Lord, the God of all creation; I created her in My own image and likeness. I did not come for the righteous but for the sinner man.
The cry of the poor, widow and fatherless came to Me and I hearkened to their cry. The innocent blood is crying out from beneath the earth; there is no justice in this nation for them, every one of you are only looking out for yourselves; I, me, and myself. What about those who are hungry and dying? Who do they have to look out for them? I Am the great I AM, that is who they have the I AM.
Greed never satisfied, it is a spirit that is never satisfied, its quiver is full and running over, and yet it is never satisfied. Which one of you will purchase a house and move in there and live in it without cleaning and before putting things in order? Why don’t you work with her and give her a chance?
You have made evil your cup, and wickedness your bread, because you rather darkness more than light. So, bitterness and sorrow will be your joy.
I was looking for a man and I found a woman. I Am God. I put up and I pull down. There is no man who can tell Me what to do. I am the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, I Am the Alpha and Omega; the Beginning and the Ending, I Am the First and the Last, I Am the one who started it and I will finish it.
Why are you people tempting Me? Yes, I Am God I am plenteous in Mercy and My Grace is sufficient for any sinner who becomes a saint. I say My people perish because of the lack of knowledge. You are trying Me. You are not fighting against the government that is on My shoulder, you are coming up against Me. I want you to know that I, the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whom so ever I will, and sets up over it the basest of men. I am the one who rules in the affairs of men, when you are an upright nation your nation will be blessed, but it will be overthrown by the mouth of the wicked. Hell and destruction are never full, so are the eyes of man never satisfied.
You, who are coming up against Me, don’t you know it is hard to kick against the prick? You are an evil nation, you are ungrateful and unthankful, Mark My Words your day is coming. I the Lord thy God will repay you of the evil that you are doing.
When everything is said and done, remember where there is a beginning there must be an ending. Do you know what the end is going to be like? Can you see what is around a corner? Yet you want to predict the future and yet you are coming up against Me? Promotion comes from Me not man. Look around the world, what do you think? Are you bigger than I Am? What are you saying; that you are untouchable? Be careful, do not tempt Me. I am saying to you: though you exalt yourselves as the eagle, and though you set your nest among the stars, from there I will bring you down. I Am the Lord God that brought the children of Israel out of Egypt.
My child, I told you that I will not destroy this place with or by disaster, but you the people will take your own hands and eyes and destroy your selves.
But when you are touching My people, who are the poor, the widow and the fatherless, you are touching Me and taking Me for a mockery, so I will have to take back My Word and deal with you Myself. I will repent of My Word that I have spoken about you destroying yourselves. I am saying to you people, My hands are not shortened that they cannot reach, neither are My ears heavy that I cannot hear, My eyes are not blind that I cannot see. It is your iniquities that have brought separation between you and Me. Because of your sins I have hid My face from you.
Daughter I am angry, I say there is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of destruction. Is this nation ready to face destruction? Hell and destruction are never full. You are mere mortal, what do you know? You can’t even see pass your nostrils much more the future. Do you want to revile, lament and complain about something? I can give you something to weep, mourn and to gnash your teeth about. Don’t take Me for granted I Am the I AM, the Great I AM. You want to tell Me who I must use and who I must not. I created this universe with My own hands, My ways are above your ways and My thoughts are above your thoughts.
There are many of you who are saying that you are My servants and that you know Me. Do you have a relationship with Me? It is only when you have a relationship with Me, then you can say you know Me and you are My servant. Yet you are saying I am your master. If I am your master, why are you not submitting, humbling and obeying Me? Why are you not spending time with Me? Why are you not feeding My sheep? I said to Peter: Peter thou lovest Me feed My sheep. Who are My sheep? Is it only your household? Why do you only feed them? Why don’t you share what you have with the poor? You will not sell what you have and give because their souls are not important to you, but their souls are important to Me. Why are you robbing, lying and deceiving the people? The poor are hungry, naked and have no shelter; they are in dire need of food, clothes and of warmth. Even those that you call the criminals, they are in dire need of love, I mean the agape love, the true love that was left with My Disciples. No you don’t have time for them; you are too engulfed in your comfort of abode with all of your secret sins. Look what is happening with your nation, before you come and intercede on behalf of your nation; you have joined with them throwing fuel to fire because of your greed. You have so much wealth and yet you are not satisfied, you don’t want to part with any of it. Even the alter that should be sacred for Me have become the devil’s playground. Look at the way you attire yourselves and come to give Me praise and worship, it is stench to My nostrils. Your hands are defiled with blood and your fingers with wickedness, your lips speak lies and your tongues have been speaking wickedness. That is why I am not hearing you. Not one of you is looking for justice for the innocent blood that has been shedding in your nation; nor do any pleadeth for the truth. All you trust in is vanity and speak lies. You imagine mischief and bring forth iniquity. I can not watch sin and bless it.
Do you believe that time is yours, so you can do what you want? The choices that you make; the things that you do they have consequences. You are going to be judged by the choices you make. Listen, I Am time; you cannot waste time because time is Mine. I Am time.
I say you are no different from the sinner man and for this I will expose you and bring you into judgment. I am saying famine is at your door; this nation is going to experience famine if you do not turn away from your wicked ways. All that you have will be taken away from you by the canker worm and caterpillar, Mark My Words, I have spoken. You all say that you are My children but yet you back stab one another, have secret hatred, and despise one another and yet you are saying that you all are My children. Even the innocent virgins are losing their virginity on the alters. Many of you leaders you are buying cars, big rides, Porsche cars and are having secret meetings with your secretaries; having secret adventures. Many of you are even going together on the same flight, or at times you even take different flights but you book the same hotel, different rooms and you are sleeping in the same bed. Many of you have secret bank accounts, believing that I do not see. Many of you are wife beaters; abusing your family. Many of you are stealing from Me; you are using My Word to get riches, but it is the spirit of greed you are trying to satisfy. You are not aware that your souls are dying. The oil in your lamp has dried up a long time ago, it has been left on the shelf so long that cobweb and dust have taken it over. It needs to be cleaned, trimmed and refilled. Can the blind lead the blind? And yet you say you are representing Me. If the Bridegroom should come, would you be ready? You know it was never Me you wanted.
The church has become a haven of hidden sin. Many of you are committing sexual immorality: adultery, fornication, etc; money laundering, defrauding innocent people, dealing in illegal activities and yet you say that you are My leaders. Where do you really get your riches from? The deceitfulness of lust and riches has entered into you. There is nothing under the sun that is hidden from Me; I am here there and everywhere. There is no deceit in My kingdom; all you have around you is a form of godliness and pretence. Many of you your outside is looking like white wash sepulchre but inside of you are dead man’s bones.
I am saying to you, I am the one who put her there because she is a mother, who will understand the pain a child feels; what a man or a father will not understand a mother will. How can a mother’s tender care cease towards the child she bares? A woman will abandon a child and after a very long time she will go back and look for that child. A father will not, only if that child becomes a powerful influence. I say man words will change but your heart remain the same if you don’t have a relationship with Me. When it is wrong it is wrong. There is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of death. Mark My Words I have spoken; My Words do not contradict themselves. I have spoken.

Hosea chapter 9
Jeremiah chapter 37
Jeremiah chapter 25

Ministered to Pastor A. Joseph

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Message from Almighty God
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