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Message from the Spirit of God


Greed never satisfied!
It is a spirit that is never satisfied. Its quiver is full and running over and yet it is never satisfied.
He said watch, pray and wait, who have eyes to see will see, and who have ears to hear will hear. He said sell all that you have and give it to the poor, the widow and fatherless and then you will know what I the Lord have said.
He said judgment begins in my house; it will begin at the altar because too many young virgins are losing their virginities on the altar and my temple has become a haven of hiding sin. Too many innocent souls are dying in their sins and my people are doing nothing to help them to receive eternal life.
He said there is no other life but in Him, many are coming to Him not for eternal life, but for their own selfish gain. He said woe unto the Shepherd that leadeth His sheep to destruction and all that pass by clap their hands at you, they hiss and wag their heads at the daughter of Jerusalem saying is this the city that men call the perfection of beauty, the joy of the whole earth. He said I canít watch sin and bless it. The blood of the innocent is crying out from beneath the earth for justice. Call a solemn pray and fast for the body of Christ is naked. Sexual immorality is rated highly in the body of Christ and money laundering because the eyes are never satisfied with riches.
We, the church, have moved away from His hands, we have taken our eyes off Him. Unless we the people who say we are children of God come back in unity with God and with one another the nation will get worse, because we the Christians are at war with one another. It is the secret sins that are in our lives, we are no encouragement to the lost and dying. It has reached to a place where we have to purchase the Word and prayers. What about those who cannot afford it? Would they continue to live in ignorance and die in it? No God forbid!
He said we are the ones that have the nation in the mess it is in right now, because we are running after riches and not the Word of God anymore.
We have moved away from Godís doctrine, statutes and commands, we have moved away from His Holiness; from the time we start putting a time on Him we have moved away. He said time is His we canít take that away from Him. Everything for God now we have put a price tag on them and He said He never sanctioned that Jesus already paid the price with His life. He said that the monies that is collected, is that it must have meat in the storehouse. What about the hungry and homeless, the abused and the drug addicts? Who are they? Do they have souls? Are their souls important to God? There are some souls who are lost in the congregation, some souls have walked away from the house of God and still they are not missed because of their financial status, they are back out in the world and yet no one misses them from the congregation. Some have received water baptism from many leaders and have gone back out into the world and have never been missed by them and they donít know who they are.
He said, we have made evil our cup and wickedness our bread; because men rather darkness than light, bitterness and sorrow will be our joy.
He said, when He speaks no one listens, when He is not speaking everyone is saying He has spoken. God help us all.


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