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Ish & Steve

The Editor,

While it is all well and good for the Clico depositors to get all this attention, I am

wondering why Ish Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson are being treated the way they are.
Their case has been made into a political football, with the PNM and its supporters calling

for blood(in the form of extradition) and the PP Government afraid to tackle the matter head

If one were to separate the emotions and the political bias from the facts, then we would

remember that these men are like every other citizen: they deserve justice. All they have

been asking is to be tried here?
Tell me how will this country benefit from a US trial? There are about five times the number

of charges in TT as those in the USA against these two? Also, Britain is now reviewing its

extradition treaty with the US because of draconian nature. Prime Minister kamla

Persad-Bissessar has proven herself worth of international recognition for her vision for

our country and people. Included in her scope should be equality in justice.
They ask for nothing more, no escape from prosecution, nothing than to face trial in their

homeland, where they are citizens, where their families are domiciled, where the rule of law

and access to fairplay and justice includes them both.
I today call on our honourable PM to forget the call of the bloodthirsty few and try in TT,

two men accused, like any other, of crimes said to be committed right here.
(Who knows, this may even benefit members of the former PNM Government.)

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