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Basdeo Panday's file sent to D.P.P

News broke today that the Basdeo Panday's file, which was under investigation by the Integrity Commission, has been sent to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP). It becomes more obvious why the UNC claims of Police and Government set-up was done so hastily and clumsily.

Apparently they (UNC)/Basdeo Panday are staking their claims upfront to try to discredit any police investigation and to taint any arrest that may be coming Mr. Panday's way.

Mr. Panday does not need anyone to set him up he has done an excellent job on his own. He failed to disclose monies in his "wife's" account and for that there are penalties. No amount of ‘grand charging’ and ‘rabble-rousing’ should deter the DPP from making any arrest.

The whole episode with the cocaine and the missiles was just a frantic attempt at distraction. However, it is good that a more sensible public was not fooled by the distractions of a frightened party leader.

Yes Mr. Panday, that is what you may call a 'plot' to arrest you but you should know by now that in legal terms it is referred to as a WARRANT.


The UNC leader Basdeo Panday and his wife Oma is reported to have a $10 million London bank account.

When the Sunday Express first reported the Integrity Commission’s investigation of Mr Panday’s failure to disclose a London bank account Mr Panday’s first reaction was to deny the accuracy of the figure. He subsequently offered the explanation that the account belonged to his wife, an unemployed housewife, and expressed ignorance of its contents.

The former prime minister, by his own admission, then requested more time from the Integrity Commission following its request for information on the matter, and eventually responded similarly, stating that the account belonged to his wife and offering no information on its balances.

Mr Panday was not considered a wealthy man prior to assuming office as prime minister and given that his wife remained a housewife during his tenure, reasonable questions have repeatedly been raised on the UNC leader’s ability to maintain a family in London on his relatively modest prime minister’s salary.

The fact that the Pandays’ London account was not revealed to the Integrity Commission in his declaration of assets (as required by the Integrity in Public Life Act) has only added to the speculation.

The only response from Mr Panday and his wife thus far has been to deny that the account contains $10 million, which does not really address the matter since it would be true whether the account contains $10 or $20 million.

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Basdeo Panday's file sent to D.P.P
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Re: Basdeo Panday's file sent to D.P.P
Re: Basdeo Panday's file sent to D.P.P
Re: Basdeo Panday's file sent to D.P.P
Re: Basdeo Panday's file sent to D.P.P
Re: Basdeo Panday's file sent to D.P.P
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