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squatters-Have a Heart Kamla!!!!

I find it hard to believe in the middle of the crime chaos, the government is focusing on removing people from the only home they've known. It is one thing to have people displaced by natural forces and another when the government bulldoze people from their homes. I 'm now 54 yrs and a born Trini, squatting has been the way of life in this island country, dating from the days of colonization, perhaps the Prime Minister and her officers have forgotten their history. Admittedly, I no longer live there, but my heart is still there, and it 'vexes' me to no end to see the plight citizens are enduring under what seems to me like a future path being set by this government. Let me remind you Trinidad is no Hati, at least, Hatians were placed in tents where are these people being relocated to? Maybe, just maybe housed in the mansions or lands of the some of these ministers. You see Madame P.M, these are people too, squatters they maybe. "Have a heart." Seems to me, you are becoming no different from Manning, at best he may have realized he had no where to relocate them and in accepting the cultural ramifications and implications of colonization left them alone.
What about it? Where;s your heart and more importantly where did you sleep last night, did you give a thought for the children who are being displaced on your watch?

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squatters-Have a Heart Kamla!!!!
Re: squatters-Have a Heart Kamla!!!!
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