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My name is Yvette Simon Alexander. I was retired medically unfit in 2002 from the government service after 19 years. I am currently receiving $1950 government pension monthly and $798 disability benefit. I received my gratuity/pension, which I invested in CLICO 4 years ago. I signed a document that allows surrender on a time frame penalty basis. I have honored my policy despite the CLICO issue that began in January. Unfortunately last year on June 20th, I was diagnosed with stage one colon cancer, another chapter in my medical history. I had urgent major surgery on 07/07/09 for radical sigmoid colectomy to remove a huge bleeding polyp. As with any stage of cancer and treatment, follow up treatment is imperative.

I am supposed to repeat my CT scan and colonoscopy 1 year after surgery for 2 years. Thus far I have surpassed medical bills of $65, 00.00 for this particular problem. I have exhausted all possible funds in the form of loans and savings. I have requested a surrender of my CLICO policy despite the penalties, to offset my upcoming CANCERSCREENONG/ medical expenses, due next week. I have submitted all medical documents to support my request a while now , thus far Mr. Sylvester Samuel of CLICO, St Vincent Street branch has turned a deaf ear. I was told he is the person to make the decision. I need this money to do my medical tests which are;

1. A colonoscopy cancer screening

2. A CT scan

3. An I.V.P (kidney)

4. Surgery

5. Kidney treatment

6. Other medical issues treatment

My family and I are already under tremendous stress, living day to day financially. I have two daughters one whom is about to enter the university of the West Indies this September semester and I have all normal expenses as everyone else.This is a matter of life and death. I have gotten over the first part I WILL LIKE TO SEE MY GIRLS TO UNIVERSITY.

Iím asking CLICO for my money as I donít have the strength and energy to go begging people for donations especially that I have this money in CLICO. terrible hospital facilities, so I hope you can imagine my situation, past years, last year and continuing, can you advice me, can you help me, can you make any suggestions?

Please reply urgently,

Please allocate an advisor.

Thank You

Very depressed,

Yvette Simon Alexander

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