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Globalization and it’s Discontented

"Globalization requires us to reinvent everything - to think of ourselves as compared to others."
Nicolas Sarkozy

There are those that doubt the merits of globalization, or it’s evil for that matter , and for them I say shame on you. It is just fair that attempts be made to try and grapple with answers for the under mentioned questions posed in Mark 8:18 by my kinky hair African brother Jesus :- "Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? and do ye not remember?"

It is no secret that the globally recognized liar, and crooked Italian ,Cristobal Colon , and Spain’s Queen Isabella did not fully know the magnitude of the Pandora’s box they were about to open when she pawned her jewelry to finance three ships to set sale from the then dark continent Europe laden with criminal thugs filled only with dreams for a better life ,and to test the theory of a round world. Today that world has come full circle , and in the words of one globally recognized media pundit Thomas Friedman is now flat, and we are interconnected via a common technological highway .

No where is this more vivid than in the rippling effects of the media , and no region can be considered immune from it’s effects. This can range from the very developed industrialized Global North , to developing and emerging states from the Global South alike. The internet and new age social networking media are opening doors , and shining lights into dark corners as people are getting access to information that would ordinarily be left to the cutting boards of deceptive editors, and greedy self serving publishers as they in turn attempt to protect the interest of corporate advertising buddies in the business world. The fascinating thing for me is to see the rapidity of the changing story . Today high drama news can tomorrow easily become second hand and outdated ,as events quickly unfold before our eyes.

Here are a few examples of what I am referring to . In each I want you reflect and pay close attention to the way the main stream medias has played it’s usual ‘jig and dance’ with the facts and portrayal of fluff and imbecilic analysis , thus playing a complicit role in allowing the status quo shenanigans to continue unabated.

In economic affairs, the world had hardly fully recovered from the 1997 Asian Financial crisis led by Thailand , only to have it today appear almost like kiddies Boys Scouts and brownie’s Cookie sale experiments, when compared to the present global recession meltdown -reminiscent to the great US depression -that is presently paralyzing the globe all because of the deceptive malfeasance actions of crooks and bandits on Wall Street USA ,and other supposedly respectable financial sectors, where investors were ill advised to invest in using sometimes only a lap top on an online checking account, or a high speed smart phone to an unscrupulous broker while vacationing in Cancun , or Rio Brazil -with a half clad underage babe. The way forward for our new age political gurus is to do business as usual , offer a few domestic stimulus packages , and trot across the globe and test obscure elite theories at lofty G8 Summits and other photo ops for global consumption.

With respect to security, In 2004 , thanks to new media , millions saw how agents of the world’s greatest democracy treat war prisoners in Abu Ghraib Iraq , that obviously did not look like conquered white Axis of evil Germans , and Italians or similar looking folks like the US liberators of WW2, that did not have to deal also with Kamikaze Japanese in Asia after the devastating after effects of two atomic bombs. The world cringed in horror and surprise to see
white female Commander Janis Karpinski asleep at the wheel as her ardent, over zealous soldiers , follow so closely a sub human policy that was put in place ,fully supported, and defended up to today by God fearing , pseudo religious Neocons , and other military and political elites in America. The only folks that were not too excited were the million of abused prisoners in the confines of the world greatest Prison Industrial Complexes across the nation ,that helped keep the US economy going due to the numerous jobs they provide for desperate citizens . Today with a new President in charge , this subject is now a mere side show for new political elites with the help of entrenched advisors ,to bounce around and pontificate in , empty , silly fashions , as if still on a campaign trail.

On the health front , first we had Mad cow ,Asian/ Bird Flu , that encouraged millions to join me as a non carnivore ,as they gave up the eating of all dead flesh ,and consumption of dairy products .and incurred the wrath of the food industry . Most of the problems we were told emanated from new emerging capitalist industrial giant China ,where non regulations of numerous industries are the norm ,and globally acceptable environmental and health standards are un heard of. Recently the world was caught in a tail spin over the Mexican Swine flu that had reached epidemic proportions until recently relegated to the back page as a result of the brave actions of ‘Lipstick Revolutionaries’ in scarf from of all places Nuclear obsessed oil rich Iran ,where 90 year old maniacal theocrats rule according to the edicts of Islam, with an iron fist. The media chose to still mumble repeatedly about Minutemen and Mexican border problems with drugs and immigration as the focal point, but noting substantial on NAFTA numerous deficiencies due to imbalance , and the impact of the NRA gun running profiteering capitalist trade . They choose to focus on Nuclear technology , and little about concrete peace talks, senseless economic sanctions, and outstanding frozen assets that are owed to desperate Iranians since the embarrassments of the 1979 revolution, to finally oust US puppet leader ,and supporter in the Shah.

Recently , one of the Grand Prince of what I like to call the global Black Socratic Movement Michael Jackson died. These are the artist led by black musicians of all stripes across the globe. They are the ones that have constantly become the lonely voice that speaks for the people. They speak on behalf of everyone ‘with ears to hear,’ but particularly for a people that were historically oppressed ,and dispersed across the globe. Many are lost, , confused ,and in search for an identity ,or the will to eradicate the numerous demons that were infused into them after subjection to years of hate and discrimination by others that falsely claim superiority upon introducing the most dehumanizing and barbaric system that was ever introduced by one set of human beings towards another .

Several of these fellow ‘children of Israel,’ have been betrayed by intellectually lazy confuse elites middle class leaders from within. As such their lots in life tend to be stifled as opposed to being advance , as the jackals that perpetuated the divide and rule system in the first place sits on the sidelines and grin as exploitations continues often in the form of democracy. The messages from many of our various conscious artistic voices , and unsound heroes are different , yet the same . The ‘local’ from which some have emerged may be different , yet the constant theme remains constant. Fight oppression , stand up for your rights , love one another like yourself , and use prudent approaches as you reach for the stars , with your feet on the ground where applicable .

In short , keeping it real as we steadily keep up the struggle for supremacy ,for we are the world and it’s children, that are fully capable of moving beyond rhetoric, so as do what’s necessary to make it a much better place to live in . Nothing less is expected in a global village , especially as we share common interests across the divide.

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