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COP Framed for rape

There is an Officer (let's call him X) who has always stood for justice. He has gone up against insurmountable odds at times, and fought battles against many senior officers. X is hated by many seniors and juniors alike simply because he is incorruptable; they are afraid to be around him and have tried on previous occasions to tarnish his character; yet he is here. He was never placed on any charge in his more than 20 years career, neither departmental nor criminal and was never suspended or even served a notice. This is the man the corrupted ones want to frame. Being aware that he is absolutly against domestic abusers and always arrest and charge these offenders they saw a way they could set him up. They sent a woman on 22/03/09 to make a false report that she was being abused and sat back and waited for the Officer "X" to check on her, which was all he did. Then they approached her and made her an offer to make the allegation. She accepted initially but cracked under investigation and was unable to carry through. The aforementioned senior then made severe threats to the woman causing her to burst into tears. She was seen by many persons sitting outside his office and crying.Thus a message was sent to the DPP at 5pm on 25/03/09 and X who was detained since 5am on 24/03/09 was freed. All Police Officers know exactly what happened but some are afraid to talk and others like what has happened. This Officer and his family suffered greatly as a result of this false allegation and will continue to suffer as his name has been scandalized however he is strong in the Lord and will continue to fight for justice.

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