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Re: Your Slavery was better than mine

Rubbish! Africans need to stop pandering to the European interest and have their men stand up and be men! Responsibility, accountability, and discipline are the answer. There are too many boys unwilling to work for tomorrow!

As far as slavery is concerned, it was definitely harsher in what is now known as the United States than in any other place in the world. That is the reason why Race is such a large problem in the U.S. and more pervasive than in the Caribbean. People aren't smarter because of location. Before there was an Obama, there was a Malcolm, Martin, Powell, etc....The fact that Obama doesn't come from a legacy of U.S. slavery and oppression that made him a little more palatable to the European masses of the U.S. and all other late comers who fall in line of white being next to godliness and light being next to that with Black being last or furthest. Obama being half White with his Black half probably not seeking reparations for crimes against humanity perpetrated by Europe and European lead United States was reassurance enough that if elected that he (Obama) wouldn't correct the wrongs of the past disrupting the social fabric/ hierarchy even if he temporarily changed the identity.

The mission is still the same and the perpetrators of various backgrounds still identifiable through their shared cause of one day lightening Africa for good. It won't be a problem in the Caribbean as long as there is rum, gluteus maximus shaking, and public urination to a soca beat. Those ingredients are enough to keep the Caribbean lot distracted while their leaders try to act globally significant by steeling from the nation and padding their pockets.
If you ask me, residents of Trinidad and Tobago are still enslaved but now to a system of economic classism and stinginess.

I wonder what will be the decision of the leaders of TNT when the U.S. comes begging to have their base reopened after Russia and possibly China set up satellite bases in Cuba and in Venezuela? Will the pray to their Western Eurocentric gods to save them then?

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Your Slavery was better than mine
Re: Your Slavery was better than mine
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