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Calypso Lyrics

Lyrics of the Calypso 'Amigo' sung by Errol Bally Ballantyne

If you see your friend doing something wrong

Should you warn him

Or would you watch your friend run his ship

Aground and then scorn him

I is PNM till ah dead

But ah singing Calypso since ah born and bred

This serves to underscore the daily tug-o-war

Between mih mouth and mih balisier

When it come to choice you will hear my voice

If I see my friend going astray


Is you who nickname Rowley the big bad rottweiler

But when he bark you fire he for wajang behaviour

No no amigo no no amigo not so

The murder rate keep rising we on a killing spree

But Martin Joseph still dey, when you go fire he

No no amigo no no amigo not so

And the little children caught in the carnage

Pardner please doh call them collateral damage

No no amigo no no amigo not so

I is PNM supporting you till the end

But when you wrong you wrong pal

Take this from yuh friend

I empathise with you as the boss pardner it ent easy

Cause no matter what you do you could never please everybody

And I know you have the country at heart

And mean well with all the ideas you do impart

But along the greasy road with all tha heavy load

You will slip up causing you to bend

Sir, this is all about me using my mouth

To help straighten you out my friend


The Central Bank they warn you recession at the door

But no, you wouldn't lissen, you kept spending more

No no amigo no no amigo not so

If we didn't complain if we didn't fret

All now so you blinging in your brand new jet

No no amigo no no amigo not so

And I can't understand how your belt tighter than we

We does ha' to buy, you does get everything free

No no amigo no no amigo not so

I is PNM supporting you till the end

But when yuh wrong yuh wrong pal

Take this from a friend

Great is the PNM that's the main watchword of the party

But greater is Trinbago therein lies my first loyalty

When I sit down to write a verse

I always put the welfare of country first

The political ebb and flow, leaders come and go

Leaving legacies some and right some wrong

Calypso must speak its mind to keep leaders in line

Our duty is in keeping the country strong


When Panday attacked the media there was one big hullabaloo

With the radio station visit I thought was he not you

No no amigo no no amigo not so

Lee Sing and Parsan lie try to justify the act

But them know Dr Williams woulda never do that

No no amigo no no amigo not so

If I was your barber ah clout yuh tail for spite

I gih you such a nice trim you gone looking for fight

No no amigo no no amigo not so

I wish you all the best

I hope your future bright

But when yuh wrong yuh wrong pal

Ah not saying yuh right.

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