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Dragged Up, Dotish and Dimwitted

The words that emanate from a person’s mouth say more about them than the subject itself. They give a quick insight into that person’s intellect, wit, personality and may even say something about how they were raised. For example, consider this exchange between Lady Astor and Sir. Winston Churchill.

Lady Astor - Sir, if you were my husband, I would poison your drink.
Mr. Churchill - Madam, if you were my wife, I would drink it.

Intellect and wit oozes from Mr. Churchill’s statement, not to mention his brash personality. Yes, it stings but it is tasteful, brilliant and funny, requiring no further explanation to conceal his contempt for the pompous Lady.

After a long and un-substantive presentation from an opposition member, Dr. Eric Williams when finally given the floor to comment on the matter at hand is quoted as saying, “like the previous speaker, I too have nothing to say.” Dr. Williams’ disregard for the speaker’s contribution, his own arrogance and his brilliant intellect are all very evident in that simple response. He could have said that the speaker was stupid, uninformed, intellectually challenged and should have shut up a long time ago. Alternatively, he could have shouted him down and threatened violence as they do in Parliament today. Although the good Dr. came from relatively humble beginnings, he was sharp, witty and certainly well raised.

By contrast, consider Mr. Panday’s comment on learning of Mr. Manning’s surgery for kidney cancer:

“As one human being to another, I am sorry that he is ill and I wish him well but as a politician, I think he has ruined the country and the two must be kept separate."

For a seasoned politician, it is unfortunate that Mr. Panday chose to reference Mr. Manning’s politics in the same breath with which he wished him well. His feeble attempt to separate the “man” from the “politician” did nothing but reveal his own viciousness and his lack of statesmanship. It clearly points to a dimwitted, vicious old man who is tactless and incapable of deep thought. Insincerity, anger and viciousness ooze from his statement and I am certain that Mr. Manning could do without Panday’s well wishes.

Regardless of what he thinks of Mr. Manning as a politician, this is certainly not the time for taking cheap political shots. Mr. Panday was once the Prime Minister but he was never a statesman. He is intellectually handicapped, deceitful, emotionally sterile and dangerously desperate. Neither time nor power could erase the fact that he was clearly dragged up. His dislike for Mr. Manning and his thirst to return to power is common knowledge. It is not necessary for him to feign well wishes. Mr. Manning’s management of the economy is controversial to say the least. There are probably many people who hate his guts and hold no good wishes for him, but to mix politics with insincerity in a time of illness is simply in bad taste.

Mr. Panday could have simply responded, “my thoughts are with him” and leave the public to ponder the nature of these thoughts. On the other hand, he could have chosen to be true to his character and say, “I've just learned about his illness. Let's hope it's nothing trivial."
(Irvin S. Cobb). For that he would have been respected. Instead, he choose a cowardly way in a time of crisis to take cheap shots at his arch rival.

I guess they just don’t make them like they once did. It used to be said that to be a police officer in T&T, one had to be young, strong and ignorant. To hold political office in T&T these days, it is enough to be dragged up, dotish and dimwitted.

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