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Sweet, Sweet, T&T

Someone once liken a critic/cynic to a eunuch in a harem, he knows what to do, how to do it, but when confronted cannot produce. It is during the trying times that many seems to come out of the woodwork as it were , but Trinidad and Tobago has it greater share of critics and cynics – of this one can be assured.

I was fortunate to be born in the greatest country on earth- Trinidad and Tobago. It is ironic that I should characterize my country in such fashion, for many of its nationals can never be convinced of this, even if you threaten their lives with execution by firing squad from the bloated military of democratic China, India or Pakistan- to name just a few.

A few of us honest patriotic ones in the know however, takes great pleasure in setting the record straight especially for the edification of the desperate , and naïve thousands of other desperate citizens without many escape options at their disposals. Some of us were fortunate either via education, or extensive travels,and are able to decipher what is authentic beauty , gross ugliness and evil , as well as what is considered and acceptable as good. It is therefore incumbent upon us to keep the numerous hatemongers,country bashers,and what I like to generally consider destabilization agents, at bay.
It is that dangerous group that I whish we could eradicate permanently – of course legally. You know the type that pretends to despise our country while enjoying all the spoils available locally, or benefited extensively so that they can relax abroad to serve new foreign- and yes-flawed masters. Many in the know can recognize via their dialogues that given the perfect opportunity they’ll return home, and because they cannot see the possibility presently,prefers to be the rabid spoiler and haters where feasible.
I wish to however focus on other qualities of our general citizenry devoid of hidden agendas. How about the straight talker that won’t pander to a foreign tourist so as to encourage them to return to his shores so as to spend a dollar? Why, because we believe that we have oil and gas and several other hidden natural resources that will last long into eternity. Hide statistical figures of Aids, crimes and taboo sexual proclivities? Are you joking? That’s Barbados and Jamaica for you my friend, not sweet T&T.
My people are generous to a fault, even to the point of cutting their nose to spoil their collective faces- according to my Granny Lucy. We will build up the roads of Dominica , ensure water and security is fine in Grenada, boost the infrastructure of all the other small Caribbean islands, push tenuous and skewed immigration policies that backfires on us socially in the long run,prop up the economy of the three giants Guyana, Jamaica and the Bajan upstarts , and say to hell with sweet T&T citizens with their numerous needs- for that is who we are , generous. We will then smile lovingly as they abandon us once a few pieces of silver is proffered by some regional tin pan dictator, or foreign hegemonic northern pseudo democrat, and blame God or the environment for our misfortunes.
On the matter of race, my people stand supreme and unique. The word cosmopolitan was created just for us. If there is a race or ethnic group out there in Lala land, we possess it. Those Yankees and similar nonsensical melting pot fakers and braggers –“ain’t have noting on us.”Foods, music, dances , lingo/ language ,beautiful women? My country is number one for a reason.
We are also humble people and lack the flag waving behavioral predilections that some of our neighbors thrives on. We are wonderful, smart, strong, resilient, kind heated , very forgiving . For any one that wishes to dispute this, please check the history books. I have much hope for my people as we confront these challenging social and economic time. From John, John to Fizabad , Couva to Lavantille, Patience Hill to Charlottville – we’ll be fine,and will make it. We always do, in the country that Desmond Tutu affectionately referred to as Rainbow country. Keep your heads up, for “the longest rope always has an end.” “Sweet, Sweet, T&T! How I love this country so. Oh oooooh!”

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