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The Wolflike cry of the Devil

“Devils in business, in halls of justice, in pot gut old men, who seduce little children. Another kind share licks and blows, hiding behind some police clothes. You fraid the devil, you fraid him bad, well look the devil right in your yard…. Shaking up he tail in people face.... Look the devil dey!”
Mighty Penguin Kaiso

My father like Obama’s was a useless bum, that never took care of his son me, also had too many women to contend with ,as well as children in his short life , that due to his premature death was left to struggle for any pittance of success they were able to eventually obtain. But guess what, in life you take what you can by making the best of a worst situation. The looser due to his no show helped developed my resilient character as well as by curious mind and love for intense reading and news analysis. From the age of nine to about eleven I got two of our main daily newspapers from him. In addition the majority of pertinent life’s information that was necessary for my eventual survival came via the pages of a book since no tangible male was in existence to guide me. Oh what a tragedy it is for the life of the grand children of enslaves in my country, and no thanks to the African dominated PNM government since 1962, so I too am mad as hell as many of our citizens!

I have good company however, if the fine members of The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) have anything top say on the matter. It would seem that as far back as 2006, in their third annual Hindu human rights report, they had listed Trinidad and Tobago among ten countries in the world which wantonly abuse Hindus’ human rights.

The astute non-partisan human rights group fervent claim to fame – if this can be believed -is “the promotion of Hindu and American ideals of understanding, tolerance and pluralism.” They’ve placed Trinidad and Tobago in an unenviable circle of nations such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Fiji, the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Sri Lanka, where it is claimed that Hindus represents a minority and so are discriminated both racially and religiously on a daily basis.

Systematic job denials, failure to obtain common governmental benefits, blatant kidnapping and murders- by what must obviously be afro centric gangs- and failure by the Afro- Trinidadian dominated Police Service to quickly respond to attacks reports by victims were just a few of the atrocities that were listed as taking place in Rainbow nation in the estimation of the HAF civil body. As terrible as these behaviors were, the most blatant according to the report was the claim that in 30 consecutive years of PNM African power domination, never was there ever a single Hindu government minister selected. Based on this well thought out cry one cannot help but agree with the conclusions of the unbiased organization that Hindus political psychology would also undergo a beating as it were, due to- in their words-“such sense of alienation, and marginalization,” they have been forced to endure with the lasting result of many loosing all “hope of ever winning a general election.”
Tell you what, in the interest of fairness, justice and equality, I am going to make an unusual proposal. I will demand that as a country we try to implement one of the horrendous American styled torture laws to punish some of our more popular calypsonians such as the good intentioned Penguin that obviously fooled us all over the years by not being specific enough about the real victims in my society when he made this 1980 Road March hit. Here it is I was of the view that his song was an attack on the behalf of us all as citizens, when now thanks to the HAF we are getting the real picture. Justice delayed? Look the devil dey!

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