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Hypocrisy the Eleventh Sin

Thou shall not commit adultery, and thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife are two of the commandments in the Bible. In my estimation they should add another to cater for the sufferings of many of America’s political wives. It is really getting out of hand now people what some of these prominent and leading women have to contend with just to stay in the limelight. The Irony is that Americans generally look on at their more backward and uncivilized counterparts in African, Asian and Muslim societies and have major sympathy for them because some of these 50 year old women have to compete with 14 year olds that their respective husbands feel the need to include in their ever expanding harem when they finally got tired to experiencing the same types of nightly or daily actions.

First along the prominent list was Hilary Clinton. Every one including the Yale Law Professor knew that Bill was cheating on Hilary since Law review class sessions began , but Hilary decided this was the man she wanted , drunken father and all, as the ambitious young Republican saw Presidential potentials for them both , even as far back. Well, she was able to achieve half her dreams, as he became President, and she never would. Let’s me just say the following for the record. A woman, who cannot get a license to drive in Saudi Arabia, stands a better chance of becoming head of state in that country any day than Hilary or any liberated woman of becoming President in democratic America. Strike one for ambition and hypocrisy by so called powerful feminist liberated, Tammy Wynette, “Stand by your man,” “baking cookies,” types of American women. My Nigerian Muslim friend told me all is fine on the home front for even males that cannot afford to, are still inclined to have a harem. He just celebrated the birth of his first son in America, and is quite happy as he just took out a loan to send for his 65 year old father to celebrate the birth of his tenth child born from his fourth wife. His mom the first wife will take care of the arrangements. Talk about civilize.

Poor Elizabeth Edwards, a few months she was the toast of the town and the Democratic Party, today she is Persona Non Grata. Why? Her cheating, lying, snake oil sales man husband was just exposed for having a long term affair that produced a baby for an extremely ambitious and what now appears as a callous and conniving lonely woman. Elisabeth’s crime was she knew all along, but decided to put her ambition over principle. Not only did she loose any chance at measuring the White House drapes, but any sympathy sentiments for her cancer afflictions are thrown out of the window as Obama and the Democratic party machine would not even flash her picture on the screen during the big revolution convention to topple Hilary and her angry 18 million , chiefly ultra feminist supporters ,that felt their own candidate Hilary needed another stab at decorating the White House again , instead of Obama baby mama ,affectionately described in close quarters as that uppity , 5 ft 11th Harvard and Princeton elite , bossy black female drama queen from the South side of Chicago. Go figure that one out for civilize liberated women that are not black or sick or cheated upon, or simply inclined to stand by their men. Strike two for hypocrisy.

Then there is the case of the governors of New York and their lovely wives .Talk about confusion. Silda Alice Wall Spitzer stood dutifully by her husband Eliot as he made a fool of himself and tried to defend how he could leave such a beautiful Harvard educated, to pay an ugly, pimple face, snotty nose call girl over $5, 000 a pop, to have sex without the use of a condom. This arrogant and over ambitious governor had no chance to redeem himself like Clinton, or Republican phonies like former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and ex-Speaker Newt Gingrich. The reason being was that he had too many enemies. The rule of thumb for all future players and macks, if you want to play this broad based sexual game like the big boys in politics choose wisely – no overpriced chicken head whores allowed please. Now if the governor had his game down tight he would have followed the lead of his blind replacement Lt. Governor David Paterson. He cheated on his wife, but never paid any money, and because his wife took advantage on his disability and also cheated, he got a pass and is now the first Black head of state in New York. Talk about Hotspur by this new Governor and his wife Paige. It’s why I tell people that Black women don’t need any liberation movement , as they know fully well how to keep their men in check , just mimic all his moves, and call the white law authority if you sense he want to do an OJ on you in retaliation. Strike three for hypocrisy and liberation. My former Kenyan girlfriend would have viewed this as craziness. She related that her father dealt with an outside child the African way , he raised the child just like “a village” along with many other children in the community as he was a respectable Principal that ensured his own beautiful daughters go to clean cut British Boarding schools far from that sort of barbarism his wife and sisters endured. Now I see where Hilary pilfered the title for her bestselling book – “It takes a village.” This might just be a case of the uncivilized aiding the liberated perhaps.

Finally the Gov. McGreevey of New Jersey he was ousted as a result of a homosexual relationship with a this foreigner, a Israeli military operative that he desperately wanted to give a high level homeland security position in breach of the country’s basic national security rules. His wife Matos a Portuguese a former immigrant, stood dutifully at his side with the plastic fixed grin of adoration common to these ambitious women in thirst for power. As soon as the cameras turned off however , she sprinted to her publisher and lawyer to write a tell all book and demand every penny she could derived for the now distraught gay ex governor for both her and her six year old daughter. The matter is now tied up in court as the Judges and both lawyers try to decide how much more money might be needed for future psychological help for the daughter -until she reaches sixty perhaps- to deal with some of the viciousness and unpleasantness that are presently being unearthed by her two equally foolish and imbecilic yet highly civilize parents during their expensive divorce.

Lesson of caution, to future players such as the ex -governor look alike New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, leave these foreign women and lovers alone, as they play by different rules. For example, Michael Forbes, a wealthy 50 year old black millionaire real estate magnate, was murdered by his greedy, unfaithful 29 year old Trinidadian wife of two months, who later claimed in defense that her kinky American husband demanded rough sex from her. Now that is what you call liberation and civilization, for in her own country Trinidad ,the culprit Shelly Forbes- as she is now called - would be smiling all the way to the hospital, but in America ,she got rid of her problem and cried rape in search of sympathy just as she might be allowed to do at home. It did not hurt that the hard working loving black male recently purchased a $799,000 new mansion to house his newly acquired youthful bride and her young 7 year old daughter.

This New York Congressman is undeterred however, and is demanding that national immigration rules be softened to allow only young leggy European blonds and brunettes models into to the USA, so as to obviously boost his economy. Strike four for hypocrisy and liberation. I am not a lawyer like most of the culprits listed in the examples, but I hope I made a good case for the creation of the eleventh sin of hypocrisy. While we are at it any legislator brave enough to give some serious tough to the uncivilized practice favored by most Muslim and African countries of Polygamy? As a rider I’ll suggest that the law should be crafted in language that the millions of American women could understand. For example, it will relieve stress, enhance dignity, and most definitely prolong the lives of million of neglected and often scorned middle class liberated and civilize women.

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