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Re: Rumors of War
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As usual, Mr. De Gale is on the ball with his astute observations on what can best be described as another poignant topic on immigrants and their impact on native inhabitants. I once attended an obscure religious high school, the denomination of which is presently under constant attack because it fits into that ‘dying breed category’ due to its deep emphasis on teaching values in addition to expected basic education of our youth. One day we so happen to receive a visit by a guest author. At question time, he was requested to shed some light as to why America became such a great nation. I can still recall his response, and feels it has some relevance. It was, that “the best and brightest, from across the globe all want to be part of that country.”

Let me state for the record,the big metropolitan countries do not allow this haphazard reactive approach to immigration, as sweet T&T seemed fond to adopt, since the acquisition of its oil and gas fortunes.

Immigrants often by necessity are forced through shear perseverance to assume significant roles in countries they live in, irrespective of the country’s wealth. Sometimes however, they become convenient scapegoats for many of the ills that exist within afflic the wider population. The evidence exists to suggest that our country is no exception.

In time, we can hopefully implement a coherent immigration policy that will demand that foreigners, who decides to grace our shores and are desirous in remaining, can continue to achieve their respective goals and or dreams, while they simultaneously make meaningful contributions that aids national development in much the same way as our more developed northern brothers and cousins in North America and Europe. We obviously have no desire to succumb to the growing disease of interethnic violence and rivalries indicated. Many of these are caused by too many competing groups at the bottom of the social and economic ladder, fighting for the same depleting resources.

It is the responsibility of our government to ensure that our native citizens are not relegated to second class citizens, but given ample opportunities to succeed as legally derived immigrants, keen to aspire and achieve together, in this out beautiful paradise.

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