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Re: Unfortunate statement
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You deal with it the same way that the Chinese are doing when confronting accusations of age cheating in gymnastics, derogatory displays by moronic Spanish basketball teams, or similar slights by over zealous journalist and overpaid talking heads fixated on pursuing any perceived controversy to satisfy ratings. Ignore it, especially at this precise moment when you are in the heat of battle. Down the road you pull out your own PR department to explain to the world that the 15 medal domination by Jamaicans was not a fluke, but the result of determination, resilience and a modern structured governmental supported initiative.

As a power house you need not try and prove anything to any one, just continue to win as the Chinese and Jamaicans are obviously doing. These are inevitable fallouts that still lingers from Ben Johnson foolish examples, and the added fact that the American track teams are an obvious disappointment this Olympics.

I am almost sure the poor Kenyans that can never loose a marathon anywhere in the world they choose to run, are having their dead grand fathers exhumed and tested repeatedly in addition to the winners, to ascertain if these running goliaths are using performance enhancing as well- if you follow my ridiculous example.

There is something that you must understand about Americans. Winning is everything. Unfortunately Jamaica lacks someone as articulate as Ato Bolton behind the broadcasting mike to defend their honor. It shows clearly that there are a million ways you can represent your country. Running is just one. Hopefully in time the sporting world will be knocking on the doors of Jamaica to garner some of the secrets that these innovative coaches were able to impart to their wonderful young people. Letís go Jamaica. Let's go sweet T&T. Who knows, an Olympic bid for the united Caribbean in 2018 or 20?

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Unfortunate statement
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