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Re:Trinbagonians take note
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Is something wrong with us Trinbagonians? Did any one look at the olympic games when my fellow countryman Mr. Thompson came in second in the 100 metres and was never acknowledged, as the young people will say they big up the Jamaican and skip my Trini and went straight to the bronze winner the American, they further went on to put him down by saying he was behaving like if he won the gold medal, it is time the world recognize that we Trinbagonians are a very proud people and we demand respect and equal treatment. Where the hell did they get off,it is time that the government of T&T back, support and stand up for their people, not just sit back and take all types of BS from these other nations. We are a strong, financially free nation and it is time we recognize that and play the part, stop taking S from other nations. Remember we are one of the greatest. Please, someone, address this issue, we need to let them know we were not sleeping or partying when they tried to put down Mr. Thompson.
To you Mr. Thompson I am proud of you and your accomplishments, no one can take that away from you, so just carry on and be who you are.
M Lovell
Brooklyn, NY

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Re:Trinbagonians take note
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