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Dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever are caused by one of four closely related,but antingenially distinct virus and are primarily diseases of tropical and sub-tropical areas,there are four different dengue serotype that are maintained in acycle that involves humans and the Aedes mosquito,however Aedes aegypti,a domestic day biting mosquito that prefers to feed on humans is the most common Aedes species,infections produce aspectrum of clinical illness ranging from no specific viral syndrome to severe and fatal hemorrhagic diseases.


The first reported epedemic of DF occured between 1779-1780 in Asia,Africa and north America.A pandemic of dengue began in South east Asia after World War 11 and has spread around the globe since.
In the 1980's DHF began asecond expansion into Asia,when Sri Lanka,India and the Maldive islands had their first major DHF epedemics.Counties like China,Taiwan,Singapre all had epedemics.

What is Dengue ?

Dengue Fever is a disease caused by a family of viruses that are transmitted by mosquitoes,it is an acute illness of sudden onset that usually follows a benign course with headaches,fever,exhaustion,severe joint and muscle pains,swollen glands and rash.
Dengue Hemorrhagic however is amore severe form of the viral ilness.This disease affects mostly chilred below the age of ten years.
How is dengue contracted
The virus is contracted from the bite of a stripped Aedes aegyti mosqutito that has previosly bitten an infected person.
These mosquitoes flourish during the rainy season,but can breed in water filled pots,plastic bags and cans year round.One mosquito bite can inflict the disease.
It is not contagious an cannot be spread from one person to another,there must be a person-to mosquito-to another-person pathway.


The prevention of dengue requires control or eradication of the moquitoes carrying the virus that causes dengue.

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