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How many more must die,Mr.Minister?

The Minister of Health;Mr.Jerry Narace boldly states that their is no outbreak of dengue haemorrhagic fever in the country,and that might be so,but if we were to conduct a nation wide survey throughout Trinidad and Tobago we would definetely discover that the aedes mosquitoes are present in many parts of the country.
My heart goes out to the family of little Sasha Bickram,too often in this country we are reactive rather proactive,the guardian newspaper reported that whilst the this little angel was being laid to rest,the health officials were busy fogging and fumigating the Freeport area,too liitle to late,Health Minister,yes we may saves others by this exercise,but why did we have to loose one of our nation little flowers,before this exercise was carried out? And what mitigating measures are being put in place,for other areas? This is a nationwide issue, and we must address this immediately,before other innocent citizens fall victim.I can adduce,that the authorities that be suffer from a disease called complacency, when it comes health issues,a healthy nation is a wealty nation,charity begins at home.
Mr.Manning,rather than giving away the nations resouces,invest in the nation declining health system,the very leaders of the nation has no confidence in our health care system,as they all go abroad to countries,where they perceive has a superior health care system,for their personal health issues, for they know that their health is their wealth.
I recently had my own personal experience with this very same issue.I discovered that thier were an infestation of mosquitoes in my community and as a result i continually called body responsible,and reported the matter an only when i contacted the most senior person, (as we in this country,love the massa day syndrome)i got a response,the officers came out an conducted an investigation,and identified that their are indeed aedes mosquitoes present in the housing development,where at least 300 families reside,and can be affected an to date no one has come to spray the area,so i am asking the Minister of Health,how many more must die,do we in my community have to experience a loss,before we get results.The government has a responsibility to each and every citizen of this land and must do all in its powers to ensure a healthy nation.Their responsibility also lies in educating the populace on national health issues,their actions and incation affect us all.
PNM government it is time to arise,from your sweet slumber and serve the counrty that has place its confidence in you and your ability to serve.
I love my country.

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How many more must die,Mr.Minister?
Re: How many more must die,Mr.Minister?
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