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Re: Six months probation of Manning's Government u

This is certainly a very genuine and authentic point that is worth making, namely the failure of some of our political members to fulfill the job in the manner that is expected of them. One must be extremely honest in the interest of the country and admit the truth when it is warranted. The PNM MP’s throughout the years have been very guilty of neglecting constituency members that voted for them. At the same time the ULF/UNC Opposition members should be given full marks for looking out for the interest of their own constituency without fail.
The reason for this anomaly is simple to understand for any one with a clear understanding of politics. Our MP’s either cannot fully appreciate the business of politics and the expected roles of members therein, or are simply callous to the point where they choose to ignore the needs of diehard party fans that they believe will support them irrespective of their stewardship.
Politicians however generally have three chief duties and responsibilities that can help shape their behaviors during their tenure of office.The first are personal. Why did he or she get into politics? It can be linked to any of the following:- concerns for justice, power, money, making a difference in society ,concerns for the down trodden , obtaining influence, ensuring that corruption is rooted out ,to make sure that sound laws are put in place to enable and aid the development of one’s country in a balanced manner . Secondly is a responsibility to the party, since it is mainly through the party mechanism they can get the platform to run for office. Therefore this is important and requires checking egos as the door for the enhancement of any overall philosophical needs of the party. Thirdly, and in direct reference to what is writer is lamenting about, is the responsibility to constituencies that specifically voted for them. Politicians must be prepared to ‘nurse their constituencies’ wherever possible. If they cannot personally, because of the demands of office, then someone must be entrusted with that task to meet with members to address relevant and expected grievances that will arise from time to time. Failure to do such can obviously result in negative results in the polls. The final and perhaps most important is that towards the nation. Not much needs to be said about this and why it is so crucial.

The politicians that we have been saddled with since the demise of colonialism are sometimes guilty of breaches to one or more of the various responsibilities that I have laid out and for all sorts of reasons. It is therefore our responsibility to expose them- like the writer has – whenever we get the chance. Unfortunately I am not too sure if our present forum is broad based enough that it really matters. Politicians are mostly responsive to situations that affect their bottom line – votes. In a population of 1.3 million, how many have access to a computer and internet is worth examining as well. Good effort however by Ms. Brenda Maximin. One should never be daunted by obstacles, as in the words of an old Chinese proverb, a million miles begins with the first step.

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Six months probation of Manning's Government up
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