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Rumor has it that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service possess this secret department that performs similar duties of the British MI5- or is it 6-and that it keeps an eye on critical matters of national security that affects the country. For example, on the 1990 accumulation of secret weapons by religious - guru Abu Baker and his Muslimeen movement ,this department if on point, would have been able to flush such a dangerous situation out before it blossomed and produced the damage it did. It is another critical role of which I was also informed that I find inteauging. The department also served as the equivalent of big brother USA's Internal Affairs, and tended to keep a keen eye on Police Officers so as to ensure that they do not indulge in any unsavory activities especially of a political nature. How it works is this, they''ll join any group discussion or on going debate ,put their 'two cents in' with a very controversial and sometimes contrary position just like some of us do on these forums. These clever guys however have an ulterior motive, and so once the conversation gets heated, they will in turn return to their 'Carib', 'Vat and Coke' , or 'Sex on the beach' drink , so as to take copious notes . In this process ,unsuspecting dissidents from within the service , will be quitely uprooted without even knowing what transpired.
I agree with some of you ,that this sounds very amateurish for such respectable professionals.As a strategy it can be useful it seems , and I have noticed that recently quite a few of our citizens including leading politicians are indulging in it as well.To reiterate, speaking eloquently and arguing passionately about one thing ,but really concerned about another totally unrelated issue. Take these two hotly debated on -going topics that are dominating our airwaves recently particularly in Parliament. Runaway crimes and causes, and the Equal Opportunity Act. It suddenly blossomed into a full scale shouting match as to whether religion is under attack ,or preferential treatment given to SDA Christians because the good folks simply said they wanted people of 'high Christan moral ethics to teach' their students .
So in one breath , you have intellectuals and religious fanatics across the nation of all backgrounds placing blame where they believe it was due for the crime problems. These included the break down of family , decaying morals, lack of fundamental decency , disregard for law and all form of authority. It is common knowledge that SDA Schools holds a stellar historical record for trying to educate in some holistic way, especially with full emphasis on the spiritual aspects and needs of the child. It is their way of giving more than lip service to addressing some of society's numerous social ills. The surprising and unwarranted broadside attacks , chastisement and accusations against SDA USC Management for attempting to breach the Constitution can be viewed as nothing more than over -kill by overzelous rablerousers . Makes you wonder , who really cares about crime ,and is looking out for our young ones.
All I can say to the noble Christian institution is to press on , for as I've indicated before ,some of us benefited immensely from the solid educational programs of yours and similar institutions across the nation. To our political leaders, this is certainly a delicate situation that can do without the usual common posturings. I do hope partisanship can be set aside for a while ,and a middle ground reached amicably ,that would make the Act stronger yet flexible enough that it does not infringe on treasured Constitutional rights of us all. To our Police officers , we have your backs covered ,as you continue to remain vigilant in your efforts to keep criminals at bay -whereso ever they might exist.

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