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The Changing Nature of Spotty Leopard

Can somebody please explain what is going on with our illustrious Police Service? Please note that I am not talking about them in the context of escalating crime situation throughout the country. That will take care of itself as soon as the political, business, and influential civic society wants to see meaningful positive shift. At the moment the nation is simply subjected to the usual pandering and obfuscation, aimed at doing what it was always intended; - confuse an already tired, population and find convenient scapegoats for the problems. In the interim, thoes common and fortunate non- patriots, are granted convenient and ample excuses to run to distant shores often with ill gotton gains derived at the nation expense. What I am refering to instead is this new tendency to run to the media and recently the judiciary for every convievable problem imaginable.

Take two recent events that caught my eyes in the media. A few recruits were fetured in the news complaining about the spoiled food they were subjected to at the Training College, that allegedly led to food poisoning and hospitalization. The second was the recent victory in the court by a police constable that failed to get promoted after some twenty years. Justice Carton Best claimed that he was treated unfairly , contrary to the principles of natrual justice. What next I wondered, a repitition of Justice Volney’s unprofessional temper tantrum in front of the media, for being bypassed by younger and obviously more competent Justices for a spot on the elite Appeal Court club?

With respect to the police , I say good for them, as I believe that the problem started when they stop going to the trenches to get thoes real tough , eager , working class personel that desired work and a willingness to serve. Today if you are not a prima donna 1st year UWI grad , or not in possession of 5 to 10 GCE O’levels , you do not stand a chance at becoming a Police Officer. A loud SOS to former Junior Minister in the Ministry of National Security and Lavantille Representative Mr. Hinds. Time to cut that rass and get back to the business of state. Your country needs you and certainly the Police Service once more. If a recuite had pulled such as stunt when you were a young vibrant Police Instructure back then , then they would have suffered such severe consequences , it would be difficult to even contemplate. You had to leave that and fall prey to the lure of national politics, and see where it got you from the bunch of nepotistic ingrates with the prediliction to put family over party, government and country?

As for the promotion ploy cry by Constable Rajan Ramannan, I prefer to ‘stand mute’ on that one.Let me just say that all I needed was the headline , and I could have written the entire story out in my head with benefit of all the facts. It is unfortunately what this our beloved country has degenerate to. Blame every failure , mishap,financial catastrophe , or social challenge to some blatant conspiracy and overt discriminatory force with deep roots in some high governmental political power manipulator. It sort of reminded me about the story of the scorpion that begged the frog for a lift across the river, and killed him in the process even after the favor was granted, claiming that it was his nature to do so .Trinidad is nice , and can remains a paradise.

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