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Satnarayan Sharma, and the Grateful Nation

“Take in Front before in Front take you.”
L. Noray Philosopher

Police the world over, are very suspicious creatures indeed, at least so I’ve been told and cannot speak with any certainty on the subject. From very eminent Criminal Justice Psychologists to Marriage therapist, all have alluded to this fact, and documented it in various major studies and best selling books. Do not for example be surprise if you tell one to run, that he lies down. They have a different way at looking even at Mathematics, I have been told as well. For the average Joe, 2 + 2 = 4, but for a Police the answer might just be 22 for all you know. To prove my point stop any policeman in any part of our country today,and ask him whether Dr. Eric Williams-the Father of the Nation-new mathematical theory of 10 – 1= 0 was correct as he claimed when the Jamaicans broke up the Federation, and you might be surprise at the overwhelming answers you might receive from many. Do not be delusional good citizens and believe that it is high tech that solves the majority of crimes throughout the world, no it is good old police suspicion. It saves many marriages, lives, and heart breaks as well, I have been told.
It is only a dumb criminal, or equally naïve citizen up to no good would look a Police in the eye and say good morning with an exuberant smile at 3:00 am anywhere from LasLomas to Roxbrough and escape to tell about it. Everyone knows that nobody likes the police, so why the charade they’ll be thinking. Likewise, to deliberately avoid eye contact and hold a menacing glare towards a Police, when it is unwarranted at 5:00 pm whether in Carapichima, or Pasley Street Lavantille,clearly means that you do not really treasure your freedom. They can only conclude that you have something to hide, and might demand that you open the suitcase or handbag you are carrying.
I therefore would suspect that many of these illustrious officers are wringing their hands in utter confusion, and dismay as they attempt to comprehend the new Sat Marahaj that the nation is now observing eloquently speaking to the various media personnel in light of the demise of one of the country’s major financial institutions, the Hindu Credit Union.
The Secretary General of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha has been most magnanimous in his advice to the government and I suspect the police. You might recall that he was the one that ‘spilled the beans ,’just recently on the secret Maimi bank accounts and other stolen assets that was transported across the globe leaving simple and poor citizens with very little hope of a reasonable future. He demanded that the government put an “immediate freeze on Harry Harnarine’s assets,” he even suggested close collaboration by authorities “with the Attorney General of Florida to unearth information about Harnarine’s properties in the USA.” Mr Marahaj claim to be overwhelmingly concerned about the Caroni workers that lost their entire VESEP investments in the company. He became so worried about loan takers losing their property based on irregularities that he decided to speak out some five weeks ago. The new Mr. Marahaj even produce the letters he wrote to the PM and Police Commissioner,highlighting concerns for members of both his association that are closely linked to the Credit Union.

Let me just say this, I believe the Maha Sabha SG has a better chance to get a sympathetic ear from the politically sly PM , the Minister of Finance , and most of our crafty Media. This is just one of the natural realities, as political animals would do what is in their own interest, and the media? Well, let’s just say they are the objective ones- especially in sweet T&T.
I am not very sure how things might work out with the HCU, the thousand of Maha Sabah congregation,and especially as you guess, our noble but suspicious Police. Mr. Sat has really hit our hard working boys and girls of the law a few too many body blows through the years. They could care less however about what he said about the government from Eric Williams to Manning. Many can handle his numerous racial and ethnic temper tantrums and incitements over time, since they are dedicated and above partisanship. This is just my hunch, but I believe that the stereotypical view of the Police is that they are simply the typical dumb, illiterate fool, with license to kill and little sense about subtle social and political issues that have significant bearings on the society and world at large. They have been so maligned and discredited by many in and out of the media that it is easy to believe any and every negative characterization. If I am not mistaken the deeply imbedded oath of the Police is “to protect and serve without favor and affection, malice and ill will.”
In light of the forgoing, it is therefore my humble advice to the good Mr. Sat to please keep his high price lawyer on speed dial, as you underestimate our good folks in blue, at your own peril. Their suspicious nature worked well over the years, long before the advent of expensive Sky blimps, British Scotland Yard Cops,and Israeli Security handbook manuals. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Trinidad is nice, and remains a Paradise.

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