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Plain Talk ,Bad Manners

A bit of advice for most of our well intentioned journalist, Opposition politicians, and leading learned figures that care about our country and are striving to ensure that it get back on course. You’ve got to start to connect with the mass of our 1.3 million people in the populations again in terms of simple language they can understand. My favorite grandmother had always extolled the virtues of such plain speaking practice .Her favorite quote in that respect was “plain talk bad manners.” There seem to be quite a few folks in our country that are getting more and more perturbed by some of the actions by the present Prime Minister on matters of stewardship. I am hearing comments such as self opinionated, semi dictator, conniving, and vindictive and similar views that if continued, might well make the late Father of the Nation and his mentor Dr. Williams, almost look like a choirboy in comparison. That is, for those of you old enough to comprehend the analogy.

Some of his many perceived transgressions are as follows: This sudden talk about major Constitutional changes that can encroach on principles of separation of powers and impact the independence of the Judiciary. This entire stance on security of the nation that appears to be haphazard at best, from purchases of sky blimps, introduction of British officials to run the service, to the recent stand off interventions and obsession about the almost personal selection of the COP . No one can forget his whole scale firing of most dissident members of the party that served diligently and obediently through the days even when the party was in the political wilderness. There is this skewed position on integration, especially at the national citizen’s expense. A prime example is his obsession at achieving this elusive goal even at the price of apparently giving away most of our resources to historically very ungrateful Caribbean neighbors. Finally, we see his apparent penchant for acts of nepotism and appointment of sometimes vastly incompetent ultra loyalist. These are just a few of the observations that are emanating from not only the political opposition mind you, but an ever increasing list of better informed citizens across our entire state and the global village at large.

In keeping with my past habits of attempting to put forward some sort of a solution, I’ll once again try to do my bit for the nation. One of our much respected legal scholars Ms. Dana Seetahal, wrote a wonderful article last Sunday in the Guardian where she cleverly articulated some of the transgressions of the PM. In it, we were able to get a clear depiction of the day to day interference in Judicial and Security affairs that are linked to our national interest. Now although this was a balanced and well though out argument that struck all the right notes and therefore drove home in vivid fashion her point of runaway power to many, I am quite sure what impact it might have had on the average person that comprise our 1.3 million, that did not have the privilege of schooling beyond standard 1V -if we still have that. There got to be a way to connect the language with the unsuspecting masses that simply put blind trust in their leaders believing that all is well on the economic and political front as a result. Can we not still recall the days when the demographics were taken care of to secure power, simply because of the selection of and placement into a high positions of a few - even as one of twenty deputy leaders?

Now I say, get back to basics and speak the common language devoid of the legal and other intellectual jargons which hopefully the masses that matters can appreciate and understand. Take a look at how the big boys in the Global North do it- since I know we enjoy admiring their tactics so much. Immigration in the USA was never a major issue until there was the link to terrorism, criminality, job losses and similar pressing fears of the people. Constitutionality was only riveting for CEO’s and final year Law students up to that point, but again that changed. Guns and the 2nd Amendment were major factors for years since independence, but began to loose its luster until women began believing that they can starve off a rapist or robber with a gun concealed in their private handbags amongst the mascara, or dad believed that he can prevent a criminal from attacking his loving family at 3:00am with the weapon that was secured in his secured basement below the fishing gear out of the view of the 16 year old stud Johnny his son. The recent acts of sending young , mostly minority ,non- American delinquents citizens back to the Caribbean would have been considered perhaps as racist, a Human Rights problem, and a PR nightmare for the US for a considerable period prior to 2001 . This however changed to a great degree, once they were able to convince in plain language their own citizens that it was in their own collective interest to do such repatriation via a very convenient guise of national security. Can any one remember the arguments used in 1945 by President Harry Truman to finally end the war and rally Americans to support the dropping of the first ever two deadly atomic weapons on innocent Japanese citizens? You guessed it, plain and simple language. It will eventually save millions of young precious American Lives.

I must admit to not always listening to the words of my wise grand mother through the years even though I am now convinced that she could have given Socrates and Plato a run for their money. The echoes can still be heard after all this time. “If better can’t be done, let the worse continue,” but most importantly for our purposes, “plain talk bad manners.” You can bet that our Prime Minister the crafty politician that he is, listened intently to the older generation, including a certain respected Oxford Historian with the hearing aid, dark glasses, and similar contempt for recalcitrant over ambitious characters that stood in his way. He also fully understands their thinking and language, and like that brilliant Russian Chess Grand Master, can stay ahead of the game and reach of equally cunning competition. My advice dear caring citizens, is to take heed since much is at stake. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

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