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Power as an Aphrodisiac

“What is most important for democracy is not that great fortunes should not exist, but that great fortunes should not remain in the same hands. In that way there are rich men, but they do not form a class”.
Alexis de Tocqueville

No one can ever convince me that power is not some sort of aphrodisiac that can invigorate many recipients and perhaps even ensure longevity. I am referring specifically about scenarios that occur in relation to politics and business that are linked to members at the higher echelons. What really promoted this thought was a question and comment that was thrown my way by a very respected and influential former Professor of mine , that still attempts to do her part for the betterment of our region and her beloved country Trinidad wherever feasible. She reminded me that our Ex President Mr. Robinson was in the City to visit the UN, where he was to be honored by the international community for his yeoman service to global justice and Human Rights in part for the introduction of a proposal for the formulation of the International Criminal Court of Justice. She however observed that he looked a bit frail, and so wondered why he did not deem it necessary to have someone from lets say the Country’s Consulate or Mission to the UN accept this award on his behalf. Before I could conjure up a response, she added as a rejoinder, “well, he seems to like these events”. I finally mumbled some obscure comment about a man having no honor in his own country, or something to the effect, but could not help but think about the powerful effects of power. This grand stage was too hard to resist for the Castaria Kid .To not even get a street in your name after a lifetime of service- including a couple bullet rounds in your knees was indeed a travesty to many citizens I am certain. I’ll show them what constitutes a statesman he seems to say in defiance as he reached for his prize.

Mind you, this might well be a carry over from our more advanced colonial master England and their cousins in Norte Americana. You know how the exalted Trini love to “mimic” others according to a now famous Nobel Laureate of ours. Take a look at he patterns. The Queen is still going strong like an Easter bunny at close to one hundred and has no intentions of handing over power to her once wayward and philandering son Charles any time soon. The Virgin Queen and distant cousin Elizabeth the 1st I believe also lived to a hundred , and Queen Victoria the epitome of British morality- if history is to be believed- outlived all her children as well and lived almost to her century mark. For Americans, there hegemonic cousins, it’s almost the same trends, unless some 2nd Amendment obsessed gun nut decides to do some idiotic transgressions as some have been known to do in the past. Future President, Colonel Mc Cain will be rushing to one hundred by his second term in office. Octogenarian Ronald Reagan the ‘victor of the Cold War,’ could not remember if he broke the law or not re Iran and the Contra scandal, and the list goes on and on.

In Trinidad the former President is in good circles as his former nemeses and archrival Ms. Bas Panday is attempting to outscore him on all fronts as he speeds along towards his eightieth year with no plans of slowing down even if his fiery sibling puts a gun to his head. His aim, or to quote her, his “dharma,” is to perhaps die in power so as to become some symbol of struggles for “justice, equality, respect, security and peace to all the people of Trinidad and Tobago”. Since many of us stop listening to the words of most of these political lawyers years ago, we prefer to see it instead as clear manifestations of aphrodisiac effects of power.

It is the business community in our country that I am a bit worried about. As a former law enforcement guru myself, I have this theory. It would seem that unlike political siblings, business honcho siblings are not as inclined to wait too long for the smooth transition of power. The majority of this now generation could care less about investments, inventories or VAT , opting instead for the keys for dad’s million dollar Benz so as to flaunt and drive around the ‘ANR Robinson Parkway’. I’ll advise dads of the business community,kindly hand over power now, purchase the yacht, grab the newly acquired skinny girl friend, third wife,or whatever is your fancy, and sail around your favorite spots like Australia, Florida, Alberta and similar exotic lands while you can. While you are doing that I’ll admonish our recently acquired Scotland Yard Police saviors to watch the crime wave do a 360 and tumble. Remember this is only a theory from your humble voice of reason.

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