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The Republic of Tobagdos

Trinidadians are such an interesting lot , that it is sometime intriguing to see what gets them riled up and what would not. A Jamaican would strangle you, if you question his sexuality, music, food, or the beauty of his women. Guyanese are proud of their waterfall, gold, and South American heritage, a Trini will loose sleep only if you decide to touch one of his holidays and could care less if you are trying to assassinate his PM, or burn his Police Headquarters to the ground. To prove my point, the PM made two major comments during the course of the past two weeks that elicited two different responses. The first was linked to his quest for a postponement of the local election, and the fear by the PM that failure to achieve this objective could set the wheels in motion for a possible secession and the final destruction of our unitary statehood that our British colonial masters took such great pains to put together some hundred and nineteen years ago. The second was talk about dissolution of the post of PM and the creation of some obscure style of Presidency that has more power than our present ceremonial President Mr. Richard , but not as strong as an executive system as represented by good neighbor Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo from Guyana. Care to guess the one that got the most excitement from the general populace?
If you said that it’s the one that could mean giving away half our oil wealth to Barbados then you are wrong, and obviously not from the twin Republic because you do not really understand the people. They could care less if “gonians”-as they like to call them-decides that after countless years of neglect, this might just be a better deal – a unitary deal with progressive Barbados with oil and gas reaching $200 dollars a barrel, and Trinidadians forced to eventually strike a deal to augment depleted resources, or Chaves threatening to purchase the Twin Tower and Eric Williams Medical Complex for 2000 pesos.
These people could care less “if Good Friday falls on a Monday,” and were more worked up about the bogus claim for a new President, that they knew fully well would never pass the House of Representative unless it’s over the Panday’s dead bodies.
Even the Opposition leader who is on a sabbatical / vacation/suspension, got into the fray and in much the same manner as the late Saddam Hussein before Desert Storm threw up a few verbal scuds missiles of his own over the symbolic Israel and reminded the country who is who when it comes to preservation of their interest. No laws can pass unless the government consults with the people and the opposition he practically screamed before a few of our gullible press crew dieing for a safe sound bite or a quote to satisfy some corporate entity.. I believe I read some where that in his young colorful days at Lincoln Inn the opposition leader was a dramatist. Let’s just say, he is still an excitable character.

Fortunately I and about one hundred and fifty thousand of our 1.3 million populations had the good fortune to have a onetime bureaucrat of some 38 years from the Foreign service,Mr.Stephen Kangal to enlighten us and allay some of our deep fears. What he said essentially was, do not despair, “Tobago's Secession Will Not Reduce Our Marine Resources.” In plain language, losing Tobago is ‘no big deal, as they dare not touch our oil – meaning Barbados and Tobago. And by the way , he further reiterated, Barbados might get the last laugh on this, but Venezuela is concerned that the piece of the continental shelf oil- or is it archipelago -that they are claiming , might really belong to Venezuela.
A word of caution to Barbados or is it Tobagdos, you do not want to mess with those boys from the Spanish mainland, as they have conquistadors blood running through their veins. Asked any Morouga fisherman. They might have restrained themselves on a few of our guys that were pretending to fish in their waters with tiny nets –even after reading the bilateral treaties -, but that’s because they were able to establish that nearly half of Trinidad is related to Venezuela. The mostly crazy African Mandingos of Tobago and Little England aka Barbados, would not be that fortunate I believe. However I digress, “Tobagdos is nice, it too is a paradise.”

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