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The price of progress is high

I must admit that the novel discussions, and or proposals of the government to initiate constitutional reform geared towards eradicating the position of the PM and introduce some form of new age Presidency is quite commendable. I like most of the nation would of course need some time to absorb the details and perhaps assess future implications, but this idea should be given some consideration.

Yes we know as the critics might rightly assume, the PM is up to some ploy and that might well be so. However hats off to these new efforts for a nation that really wants to take regional leadership and finally eliminate another old mantle/vestige of colonialism.

Take a look at the time line continuum. First we got rid of the senseless wigs favored in the past by our lawyers and judges. That was followed by our discarding some obscure Cock on the Red House roof. In true democratic fashion, we put the Catholics in their place and changed the name of our highest honor award from Trinity Cross. It is now finally the correct moment I agree to shake up this old style Parliamentary political system. I say shame on the few that are attempting to convince us that our politicians are not accountable to the people. I am eagerly anticipating the day when every street and highway is renamed to a local hero from both dominant ethnic and racial majority in the country. That will finally indicate to those neo colonialists a thing or two. I might however be getting ahead of my self and should just quit while I am ahead, but you get my drift.

What I am most ecstatic about is the fact that the Mr. Basdeo P and the Opposition might just bite into this, enthusiastically jump on board behind the government on this matter of vital interest to the nation. In true non partisan spirit they can show support, as they too have been very disgusted with the prevailing ancient British ‘first past the post’ political anomaly that inhibited a political leader from bringing his personal expensive laptop computer to the House of Parliament to catch up on more pressing global affairs, while the nation’s business are being debated by lesser mortals. I love it, 21 st Century here we come, with sweet T&T at the helm of a democratic revolution.

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