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Politics of Neglect & Abundant Resources

I am no lawyer and do not aspire to be one at this stage of my life anyway, as I fervently believe that we have more than enough on the political scene through the years. I am however, always attracted to the cases where someone receives huge compensations years after, for failure to receive credit or rewards for something that might rightfully be theirs, but for which in the past, they got absolutely no compensation or benefits. Perhaps we should call it justice delayed or a similar catch phrase. While on this subject,I could not help but noticed a recent headline entitled “Manning: Unitary state of T&T in danger,” in of all places the Tobago news. Of course no one else in the main stream media took up the issue as very few really care about what is really occurring in that part of the world apart from the few Europeans or North American tourist looking for a tranquil unspoiled spot to invest and or speculate. While I am at it we’ll throw in the Bajan government that claim to be concerned about flying fish ,and so wish to revamp The Law of the Sea so as to acquire a few more meters of marine real estate/near our continental shelf .

What had me a bit confuse was that the PM was one minute speaking about postponing local government, and in the same breath indicated to the nation at large the need to extend some local bodies , or else a possible destruction of our unitary statehood might ensue. I am lost, and was hoping that one of our more learned friends would expand on this issue. As I have indicated, Tobago does not and almost never meant much for Trinidadians five miles outside of Toco and for good reasons. The people are laid back and resilient and basically family conscious law abiding folks that put their faith in their leaders and expect that by and large they in turn do the right thing. Trinidadians in contrast are flamboyant, colorful cosmopolitan people that have to grapple with other concerns. Of course the lines have become blared over time – brain drain issues and all such.

Now mind you the average Tobagonian knows fully well that generally they have been given the short end of the stick since the Flora hurricane did its damage to the island some 46 years ago. Many know that our vast oil resources did not trickle down to their levels. They in most part respect the Castaria kid for what he did for the island even if they recognize that at time he too did not always have their full interest at heart. Many can recall the occasions when secession was brought up, and knew it was simply a political ploy to shake the sensibilities of the Red House power brokers to throw a bone in his direction. They are still standing by and seeing their best minds disappearing to Trinidad and distant shores with few returning to contribute something to their development. They have experienced the indignity for years of having to trek to the big sister isle for years with antiquated riverboats sea transport and over inflated price airlines for food, essentials and most important legal or medical transactions that affected their lives.
Who amongst them is not dismayed by the way the country has been sidelined except when an election is approaching.The condecending comments about the Tobago House of Assembly-even with its minimal powers - is customary to the ears of many. And now that the PM has made his veiled reference to secession they are confuse and not too sure where this is coming from. Is this one of his many Machiavellian schemes they ask, as he tries again to out maneuver the opposition party? But why they ask should their loyalty to the unitary statehood be in jeopardy or even questioned?

All it seems the wonderful citizens of this beautiful island desire is that the powers that be fulfill their legal obligations of protection, and placement of mechanisms for meaningful and sustainable development on the island in keeping with out economic abilities as the most wealthy and resource laden state in the Caribbean. So far the government has been doing a pretty shoddy job in part because it has allowed itself to become distracted by a few elements within the country- whether they are in the opposition or outside. The people of Tobago are patiently waiting, hoping and praying. I am not sure if I mentioned that as well, they are spiritual people that knows the passage that Jesus said, “if your right hand offend you cut it out.”
One thing we can be assured, it won’t be before economic justice is dealt with.

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