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Leadership & Rainbow Nation

Sometimes it is good to leave a dad horse well alone, but I thought it would be remiss of me if I did not make a last ditched effort and comment on an issue of some importance to us all especially in the land that Archbishop Desmond Tutu referred to affectionately as “rainbow nation”. For those of you that took sadistic pleasures in lambasting the PM over the past few months on race , leadership , and general stewardship take heed .I believe that you all were caught with your symbolic pants down as he moved decisively recently and fired without much fanfare the unruly political upstart Dr. Rowley. The PM chess like move was a stroke of genius that might just put a smile on the face of Machiavelli of the ‘Prince’ fame if he was alive today. It reminded me of a wonderful grandmother I grew up with. If you did something wrong, she would be extra patient and wait until you were asleep to put the whipping on you that she felt you deserved. I had a Jamaican friend that told me his mom would wait a week and sometimes longer. Well, the PM took a few years – that’s patience.

The man has been chastised as incompetent for allowing crime to take over the country. Every time a murder takes place -especially against a ‘particular ethnic group’- he gets the blame. Whenever it takes place against the less fortunate ‘others’, a few token outrage are put to the fore but not with much fanfare and convictions. He was also called racist since it is alleged that most of the crimes are raced based and so borders on genocide and even terrorism. In essence the implication is that our PM is supportive of Genocide and acts of terrorism with corrupt police in tow carrying out the hatchet job. What stood out on this score and brought out the rage were the recent arrest, trial, and conviction of former Chief Justice Shama . His eventual victory at the hands of English Law Lords even brought out claims of vindication over local bogus prosecution, and the search for authentic justice outside of the country.

I believe that this public knock out took care of all his critics. Mr. Rowley was considered a prominent national with similar physical characteristic as the PM himself , and so there can be do cry of bias firing, or any of that racial nonsense as is customary by critics. There might be some minor political ‘blowback’ yes, by a few disgruntled supporters that feels that our PM is try to be another Mugabe, but I believe such talk is premature. Hopefully we can now get back to the business at hand and continue to ensure that our country move along speedily towards a safe path of social and economic development with sound leadership.

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