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Open Letter to the Mason Hall Kid -Mr. Rowley

“Every dissapointment is for a good.”
Lucille N. Philosopher

Dear Mr. Rowley, how are you? Let me first say that I have watched with some interest your struggles over the years at efforts aimed at raising the discourse in your party and in finding mechanisms for pushing the important issues of the day particularly as it relates to the common man. I am sorry to see the end result of your profound loyalty to this party was rewarded. Listen, that’s political realities, and let’s just say the Prime Minister has learned well from none other than our “father of the nation.” You know who I am talking about, the self appointed egomaniac Doctor who said I believe “when I speak no……” No need for the full quote, I am sure you know the rest. Now back to the issue at hand. There are those that believe that when something negative happens to you it is always a terrible thing. For example your recent firing from the party by ‘El Supremo’ Mr. M. Let me assure you that this is not always the case. History is replete with people who were able to do magnificent things as a result of such a mishap.
. Read about the early life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, and his early troubles with the British in both India and South Africa and how it spured him to commence his real struggles them in his own country and the Indian Independence Movement. Follow that with Mandela. Today he is adored but South Africa and the US once labeld him and his ANC organigation as terrorist .As a matter of fact a law is now being contemplated in the US to get them off the list – believe that? Al Gore just won the Nobel Prize for sensitizing the world about global warming because of an election lost. Your present PM for example had the distinction of being the longest serving Parliamentary Secretary I believe and look at him today. The list goes on .

The expression every dissapointment is for a good was made by my loving grandmother years ago. It was the type of chant that exslaves products utilized to help carry them through dissapointments. Believe me when I said that she did , and yes we did have many. We know what neglect is , both by family and government. We stood by and see other Caribbean island share in our resources while none came our way. We know what it meant to be taunted because of the way we talk . We understand the concept of what it is to be maligned and misused by self serving / opinionated leaders- then discarded and punished for standing up.

Years ago in high school , I was brave enough to asked a guest lecturer during question time what he believe is lacking to make the Caribbean great. His answer was that “the Caribbean is in need of leaders with fresh ideas.” They prefer to be a big fish in a small pool, than a small fish in a big pool.” Where if I might ask, do you see your self in the leadership void that we now face? Only you can answer that. This letter is not about the past . It is about the present and the future.You have a major decision to make in a time when compromise and overtures to progressives are needed. The politics of hate and divisiveness must be avoided . It has contributed to much of the neglect that we have encountered in this country. Make the first gestures of reconciliation , healing and bridging the divide that presently exist. You do that by reaching out to the people directly and give them a comprehensive assessment of what is at stake, where failures have occurred and mechanisms for moving forward. If this is rejected , then other courses of actions are vital .

Sometimes the rejected/ neglected stone must be prepared to become the cornerstone. ‘Trinidad and Tobago’ is watching. Please note my emphasis. With prudent leadership our country can be another Dubai , leading the drive for full social , economic and sustainable development. Before we can start to benefit from useful partnership as that laid out under agreements such as the recent EU backed Cotonou, we must first put our houses in order as a nation. One cannot depend on the Jamaicas, Guyans and Barbados of the world for leadership. We cannot also afford to reactionary as crime , economic and political woes will never be solved my such actions. It’s your call. I am prepared to drop you a few lines again on behalf of our concerned citizens with suggestion for moving forward if need be.
Your voice of Reason.

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