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Apples Falls Near the Tree

The Apple

So the young lady from Oropouche spoke finally in the House of Parliament, or rather gave what is commonly referred to as her virgin speech. Yes, I am referring to non other that Mickela Pandy, daughter of the Opposition leader Bas Pandy. Well, I am not sure if to laugh or cry. All I can say is what a sad day for our country. Is this what the future is all about? Was this worth spending thousand of dollars in educating in a prestigious University Abroad? I doubt it. It is noble that she is prepared to pursue this cause for the unending terrible acts against of our nations children that appear to be easy prey for predators within the society,by some within the home as well as outside. She is also correct to lay some blame where it is justified -the government as Ďrulers of the roost.í She was also correct in pinpointing many of the foibles of the Prime Minister and his seeming extravagance and neglect where they too place. What was noticeable was the failure to do the same for the Opposition Party led by her father. Her father and his cohorts have been known to commit a few noteworthy 'filibusters' in his time .I am sure that they have contributed to unnecessary delays and failure to do the peopleís business.

Listen Mickela, I believe I can call you that as we might be close in age. It is not for me to tell you how to move forward in your political discourse that can enhance your career or the nationís interest. This however is not the way forward. You are the future- a bright voice of hope that should be prepared to work together with progressives across the aisle and the nation as a whole to do good things. I am not going to lay out all the problems of your father here. We know them all, and forgive him for many of his legendary ones. A little secret for you in case you did not know already. Your dad is seventy Ė five years old and has been around Parliament for quite some time. Lets give him a B plus for his stewardship over the years. Letís face it however, his time is over and he wants to do the right thing and hand over the mantle to you. Nothing is wrong with that. It is part of the legacy thatís common in the old world in South Asia where the ancestors emanated -especially when it comes to bright female kids. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines. That disguise form of nepotism is common or as some of your UWI friends like to say Ė it is the norm. The girls have absoluty no power in the home or country as a whole but a few notable daughtes or wives have been lucky. Keep an eye on Ramesh and your ambitious Uncle however, these guys are Trini through and through and may not be into that sort of nonsense.

Seriously though, take stock of your self. There can be only one Bas. We give him some leeway because his struggles were different and we emphatize. As I said, he is a proud man and is set in his ways. You however are young, and we as a nation expect better from. Learn the art of compromise, and put your country first at all times. There is enough blame to go around with respect to crimes in the country. Need I say Northern construction ? I wonít talk about the London bank account, canít bother you that sort of thing now- glass stones and all. Keep focus however, as the nation and the growing blue color criminals are watching.

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