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For the love of Country

I am usually very skeptical of this ‘public acknowledgements of child abuse trends,’ that seems to be in vogue ever since media pimps like Oprah and similar kinds hit the airwaves and started making millions. You know the types. Yes, the ones that takes the sensitive, ghastly and often dehumanizing acts of factual child abuse and lost of innocence, and trivializes it often with their own fictitious accounts to fit some narrow personal agenda. Of course we often understand and welcome the gestures on the part of others, -particularly celebrities- as it draws attention to behavioral practices that many of us find abhorrent and wish to eradicate permanently. I however sense that the confession article by 24 year old Ms. Vindra Sinanan recently in one of our dailies seems however to be genuine and is required reading for any parent who tend to disbelieve reports when made by their kids. What however struck me as odd is the usual blame that is directed at law enforcement officials, government and the judiciary even by this well intentioned individual. ( )

Listen folks, we did not need to have the death of 8 years old Miss Hope to know that sexual abuses, and incest are common cancers in segment of our population. We do always need some pimple face social science, statistics loving college grad with access to the internet, to know that it transcends race and socio economic class.Likewise our many foreign educated ,pseudo interllectual elites that feel that the way forward for a nation is to mimick wholescale every system and action of a foreign country should not be given much credence .
What we do not want is our country becoming another decadent America where certain depraved behaviors are subtly tolerated, and when things go haywire an ill-thought out law is create which aims to rectify ,but cause more problems in the end.
Remember Megans law? The result of the action of one depraved individual has caused hundred of ex offenders that served their time living in fear of living a normal life ever again. Most importantly for me is the misguided notion that the culprits are in most cases found outside the family. 1. 2. 3.
The solution therefore is awareness and intolerance to culturally acceptable behaviours by families. It also means enforcement of the laws that is in place by our police officials and judiciary ,when breaches are reported. Can anyone convince me that if a female or any family member comes to a police station, or report an act of child abuse – of the kind suspected to have occured against young Miss Hope-to any police officer in any sector of the country that some real action would not be administered? Do we need to have politicians that keep poisoning the minds of our beloved citizens that some form of subtle genocide is occurring in T&T and the only way to solve it is if they all take their money and run to Miami, Canada and England?

No parents, every complaint by your daughter and son isn’t always false claims or attention seeking diatribe concocted by your young ones. Remove that head from out of the sand and take action now. The recent murder of young Miss Hope has brought out the floodgate of sympathizers and outraged citizens as a result of the incident- as it should. Unfortunately we were spared the gory details as to what really transpired in the family home setting prior to her demise due to the eventual actions of her alleged killer while in custody. Let’s remain vigilant, and do everything to promote the welfare of all our beloved citizens. In the process, our country will be the beneficiary. Discourage the actions of non- patriotic, failed politicians with anachronistic ideas ,irrespective of who they are. My final message is to the young ones like the writer. If our country is to move forward, then more is expected than the usual diatribes that are often spewed by self seeking leaders across our land. You have a responsibility to use your education and exposure where applicable, to elevate the discourse, and mindset of others. No society was ever able to move forward without a vibrant and caring and yes ‘ultra patriotic,’ often young middle class. Use your influence for the good of good old T& T .

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