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Stop the Carnival

Nice move Mr. Vegas who needs the headaches of being the politically charged position of being the next Commissioner of Police in Trinidad and Tobago. Let them try to work out their own issues. So the Chamber of Commerce wants the PM to fire the Minister of National Security and take over the portfolio. Why stay there in terms of suggestions? Let him take over every portfolio -then when that is finish become the Opposition leader as well since that too is not working .How naive. When the government and the opposition are good and ready they will sit down together with the business and other social institutions and try to eradicate the problem.

We can also criticize and blame everything on foreign expats criminals, race and advance other nonsensical theories. We can also import the American style Prison Industrial Complex and make the prison enterprise a profitable venture. Lock every blue color criminal up for countless years while the embezzlers, fraudsters, and other white color criminals get a free ride by appealing their matters to the sympathetic Privy Council in mother Britannia.

I have a better solution. It is to put a ban on all future carnival for at least five years unless we start seeing drastic reductions of crimes in the country. It beats running away to foreign shores and might just be something our opposition might be willing to bite into. We use one of those catchy names like Operation Stop Crime Momentum.

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