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Every dissapointment is for a good

As the security and health crisis continues in the country one cannot help but express some concern as no relief appear to be evident in sight. Our politicians are putting their hands up in disgust, and citizens are scared and anguished to the extent that many are looking for solace and relief from abroad. So the sky blimp is not working, and the Israelis training manuals that worked so well against Palestinians near the Gaza cannot do the trick against the twin island criminals. Both the government and opposition have a wonderful way of showing confidence in our local officials and services I came to recognize based on their penchant to clamor for foreigners especially on matters of health and security.

On the security side, we have British foreign police officials running the helm of our Police service. At the same time the outgoing Commissioner get all the blame for any police deficiencies and escalating crimes in the midst of low moral. Thank God the nation was saved from having another ‘fox in the hen house,’- so to speak - in former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik, due to his Federal indictments for criminal activities. So now we have another NYPD ex officio in sight. Let’s see if an alleged indiscretions like let’s say –‘on forged Precinct crime figures’- can also be an impediment to his appointment and possibly save the nation. Since we cannot all pack our bags and run to Miami, or some exotic place in Canada and the UK then we must contend with the problem.

On the health front our politicians have set the pace, for old talk, double standards and no actions, especially the two political leaders. In 1996, a 134 Million US IDB loan was received for the construction of hospitals for our country. A few white elephants were constructed in parts of Trinidad while other regions of the country languish. The situation is that precarious that both the PM and the opposition leader will never risk their precious lives to partake in any service. They prefer to opt instead for the pristine shores of Cuba and the US respectively whenever the need arises. This of course is not an option for many in the general population.
I felt very excited therefore when I saw a picture with the Opposition leader Mr. Pandy and his smiling daughter on the papers recently. His daughter gave the thumbs up as the headline read Bas in a bind. He was having trouble paying his legal bills to the tune of 56,000 UK dollars. His high price UK defense lawyer Mr Richard Clayton QC, was getting impatient from the long wait for payments due to the failed Privy Council corruption appeal bid for the UNC leader. I was not overjoyed at the unfortunate plight of the former PM, but for my country and the many that await justice in Caribbean as a whole.
Finally I said to my self, the Caribbean Court of Appeal has a renewed chance of getting the attention and recognition it deserves. The Opposition leader as you know has always been a staunch opponent against the total eradication of the totally anachronistic Privy Council body for all sorts of phantom reasons. Now I thought, this embarrassing episode of placing the financial situation of a client out in public is uncalled for, and can surely have implications. I will surly loose faith in the Privy Council and all that it stands for, and so should the Opposition leader. I was more encouraged by the optimistic look and boost of confidence that radiated by his daughter towards him, and said – some good can perhaps come of this loss.

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