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Is Trinidad the Caribbean Crime Capital? One never knows with the way statistics can be manipulated. A wonderful A level teacher I once had discribed it as akin to " a womans bikini, it reveals quite a lot , but conceals that which is vital."
So once more another of our little flowers is gone from us quite early as a result of murder. The body of 8 year old Hope Arismandez was found recently, bringing the death toll of the county to 195.It also prompted Opposition Chief Whip Mr. Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj to demand the head of National Security Minister Martin Joseph. The former staunch Human Rights advocate went on to blame the present Government for all security ills of the country. The country is now transformed into a “river of blood”, he lamented. Escalating crime rates, mayhem and murders has made the twin island into the crime capital of the region, better yet – “the Baghdad of the Caribbean.” He could not help but dish out a few jabs at the hard working policemen and women for their incompetence in not solving serious crimes that were committed by some 80,000 persons during the past 5 years. He finally admonished the government to utilize the resources at their disposal to put police officers and mobile police stations in every village and community to stem the spiraling crime wave. - I am paraphrasing here.

Now that was very strong language by the Opposition member on this occasion. The occasion certainly warranted, as it was a very outrageous act indeed. It is more so because it is the life of a child and the future of our nation. The minister was never shy to lambaste his beloved country – especially the government and police whenever he saw it necessary. Only recently I heard him refer to terrorist taking over the nation in reference to the crime problems. Good for the minister. I often wish that tourist obsessed countries such as Jamaica and Barbados will do the same and give as accurate a picture of their respective countries. It is the same thing with the aids problems. Trinidad was never hesitant to open up its figures to the world and let the tourist decide where to spend.

That however was the easy part. Finger pointing is never too difficult. Every one has a responsibility in ending crime in Trinidad and Tobago- especially those that can involve children. This includes our illustrious citizens that sometimes cuddle family members that are known criminals. Our children are precious and deserve more positive attention before calamities like these emerges. We need to educate the younger ones as to taking precautionary actions by being alert. We need to be more aware of what is occurring near and in our homes, since in many occasions the bogeyman can emanate from within the family and not always the big bad wolf from far away.
In this case it would appear as if the police are on top of things and have held a relative for questioning. Incidentally, 100 police officers were relocated from Central -where the crime occurred- to Port of Spain .This political vindictive act has contributed to making the area “a hotbed of crime,” according to its Mayor Dr Surujrattan Rambachan. It is my sincere hope that some good can come out of this situation. Our politicians might well be advised that although kids could not vote, their parents can. Perhaps they do as evident by the reactions.,79703.html

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