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Re: Queen Nanny
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Hurray for the Maroons and their stubborn resistance to British Colonial tyrants. Now the big question today is where are Maroons today in terms of the social, political, and economic development of Jamaica? Better yet, how are those in Africa that the author seems so trilled about, doing? I enjoy a good quotation ever so often .One that always stuck with me was made by one of America’s few great Presidents. He said in reference to the noble past. “I do not care what my grandfather was; I am more concerned about what his grandson is going to be.” Queen Nanny and her cohorts might be well advised to inculcate that type of mindset if Jamaica is to elevate itself from the perennial bottomless abyss that it has found itself since gaining independence.

I have the honor of getting to know quite a few good folks from the wonderful island, and there patriotism and passion can be fine to a point. However much work needs to be done by the country that have single handedly contributed to the destruction of the federation through petty jealousy in the heyday of bauxite dominance.

It is a pity that Trinidad and Tobago lacks the leadership and courage to step forward to be a real force and so make the Caribbean a real force to reckon with. It must first find a useful niche, and then take care of its internal problems by a pursuit of genuine developmental programs beneficial to its citizens. As the country rise, others would follow in its lead and hopefully true integration might ensue in much the same as EU and other economic giants. Enough about voodoo, Obeah, Maroons and stupid debates about weather reggae is better than, soca, and steel pan. Stop playing around Madam Q Nanny and start writing letter to your editors and articulate issues that would encourage integration and social/ sustainable developments for the region .

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