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Re: India A-team to tour Zimbabwe

I Salute to India. Maybe all who call themselves "Trini" can take note of this. Instead of fighting amongst one another for power at home look and pay attention to how things can work if we as a global community stop taking orders from Europe and The United States. If India can be so bold to defy England and the U.S., why can't Trinidad and Tobago. This tournament is very symbolic of not needing Europeans or their allies and interest involved in a want and/ or perhaps need for people to come together without the presence of European based ethnocentric, xenophobia that usually separates. It is symbolic of the "New World Order" in which the world doesn't look to Europe or the United States first for its ability to sustain one another in a new more balanced global market economy. I'm anxious to see who else will stop letting imperfect men of imperfect countries and civilizations dictate to them what they will and will not do. Letís see who will rise and say I can because we want instead of I can't because They don't want me to.

I for now am very happy for India and Zimbabwe. I only hope that India is not thinking of moving in replacement of the Whites as oppressors of the often time misunderstood and always underrated African. Zimbabwe doesn't need new or different oppressors, but real allies to help repair their infrastructure to stand up against Europe and the U.S. (economically, socially, and politically).

This is our world and our rules. If you like it the way it is, then I guess that that is good for people with low standards for humanity and mankind alike. It is now time to say if you want more of the same or not. There have been a few leaders that have tried to stand up to the current international or global regime/ hierarchy. One by one we've let them suffer because we thought or wanted to believe that our interest would be best supported by crooks disguising themselves as clerics, friends, and allies. They sold political propaganda about capitalism, and democracy, and we were all too eager to buy. Now we find ourselves caught up in this pyramid scheme and can't realize what it would take to make us better socially, politically, and economically because all or resources and efforts are going towards making the worlds smallest population of people wealthier. They just happen to live in the U.S. and or Europe for the most part. The others are just pawns for the system.

Now is our chance. Support Cuba, Haiti, India, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Zaire, and more who can see where the threat to their cultures and people really reside. Support the NWO that will bring about stability to our civilizations. The NWO can bring your children back under your control and away from the exploitation of the media. The NWO can help you pass on your beliefs to your children without interference from those who want corruption in exchange for monetary gain.

This of course is just my opinion.

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