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PNM does not have 1 original idea!

God help Trinidad!
It is now being led by the worst crop of innovative, incompetent politicians we ever had. Every thing that the PNM has done so far, has been to simply recycle old ideas that never worked in the first place. They fail to recognize the new global environment that we live in - and the drivers that will bring the society and economy to a point where the people take control of their destiny.
The UNC on the other hand was the only regime since the Williams era to advance Education and other social programs to the point where the poulation felt that there was a way out of the cycle of poverty and hopelessness that many Trinidadians find themselves. The mind set was changing - but here comes the PNM - handouts seem to be back in order.
Businesses have realized that the environment that once fostered growth and innovation no longer exist, and many have stopped plans for growth and expansion. The PNM will take the country back 10 years. Off course, the ignorant will continue to support the PNM, as they have no personal drive to succeed, but prefer to sit back and accept a free meal from the government.
The wise people will realize that the only way out of the 3rd world bind is to get forward thinking politicians in power - and move these jokers out!

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