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i was very anxious to hear the outcome of mr panday's case and was very pleased when i heard the verdict this verdict have vindicated all the i have said about this despicable man that thrust himself upon the people of trinidad and tobago, it is simply a case of a man with an abundant thirst for power fueled by greed under the disguise an honorable politician and statesman, but like all the leaders that went before him he learned nothing, we have seen throughout history the likes of hitler, franco, batista, amin, noreiga, pinochet, abacha,milosevic,botha,and i can go on and on,. Panday was certainly not in the realm of brutality as any of these men but he shared the thirst for power that subsequently lead to his downfall. his lack of integrity and honesty have also contributed to his present position, today. So now we have all his minions and lackeys running around like headless fowls, without there leader, and making outrageous statements when deep in there shallow hearts they know that justice was done, but time will consume their shallow loyalties and the cowards and yes men and women will soon be revealed, thats who he surrounded himself with, spineless people that sought refuge in the hearts and minds of the poor and ignorant, and subsequently in the corridors of power and influence, enriching themselves friends and families while fostering tribalism and is not about race but class. but as the old saying goes , "god doh sleep" good riddance to basdeo panday.i wish you had gotten twenty yrs instead, you are no better than the common criminal on the street.

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