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Re: Recolonization by Invitation
In Response To: Recolonization by Invitation ()

Dear writer of this article,
I have to say this, I am in agreement to be recolonialised, our forefather have failed and we have in no way proven that we can or will ever be able to govern ourselves. I had your opinion and now I am in now even considering accepting the label of being a Trinidadian.

“Sunshine can not be serious winter adds dept and darkness to life. And in the unending summer of the tropics, not even poverty seems capable of being profound” (D. Walcott).
I have no idea where this quote is from but I found it in my many notes taken while I was reading for my Masters in Anthropology at Goldsmith’s College in the UK on my way to reading for a PhD but changed my mind, I needed to see in what way I could add to the growth of my nation. I would like to add, not even the lost of a nation’s intellectual capital and also the protection of the nation’s citizen seems to be taken seriously. I write this letter from Middle Kingdom –China, why would one of our nation’s scholar be in Middle Kingdom one may ask? I now consider myself without a nation a nomad to wonder until I find a new nation to call home; I am a new form of refugee – a foreign expert – invited by the Republic of China to share my knowledge and language abilities. Why China? It is safe. I am writing to address our forefather’s heirs to power, I say to you, you have failed. Generations of nation building elders have failed. You have failed to protect our citizens; you have failed in keeping the very people you aspired to have a free nation for.
I returned to my beloved sweet TnT to contribute, I worked for the UN, I worked for the UK government, I also worked for the city of NY and to return to a job where I felt part of the process of reclaiming my country one community at a time as I stated in newspaper interview, on the radio, and on television. But on 20th April 2005 only after being home for a year, while I was in my house three men broke into it robbed and raped me at gunpoint and nothing was done about it. Mine is a story that is not unique that is the sad point. The police were ill equipped; the hospital cold, the only saving grace was the examination doctor who by the way was not a Trickydadian. It pains me to say, in a country where money is flowing like water, I had to purchase the brown bags to give the police to collect evidence, the police cars never arrived, I had to use my cell phone to coordinate the photographer, the fingerprint expert and this was done while I was in shock. So now I live in exile from a country whose culture I have studies, promoted, wrote published articles on, participated and more importantly loved to the bones and I speak nothing of it here in Middle Kingdom.
My entire family has left Trinidad and I will never return, I say to you the elders of my former beloved country, “a culture based on joy is bond to be shallow, sadly to sell itself the Caribbean encourages delights of mindless and brilliant vacuity” (D. Walcott).
So bring dem, bring de boobies.

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