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ALCOA. You do not want this smelter.

Good Morning all Trinidadians...I live on the Canadian border of NY state and Canada. This is about 8 hours north of New York City. ALCOA has a smelting plant here in Massena, NY. Our county , ST.Lawrence county, has the HIGHEST CANCER RATE IN THE NATION. To this we can thank ALCOA. This means, in the ENTIRE UNITED STATES WE LEAD WITH CANCER. Alcoa will deny this as they have the money, the power and the lawyers to get what they want. They are like a bulldozer with money driving it. What happened in the past here they , Alcoa, released millions of pcb's into the air, soil, and water here. Pcb's are a known source of cancer and they never, ever, go away. We live on the St.Lawrence River, what was once a beautiful river, is now filled with fish you are not supposed to eat. If you are pregnant or nursing a baby you shouldn't eat any, other people are warned to no more than 2 fish a month. I will not eat any fish from our water. Our game population has been affected. Talk to others and inform yourself. Fight this monster, UNITE. Fight the good fight even if you lose. Noone can fight them and win because they have unlimited money, profit at your expense. The people Alcoa bring in to run the plants, to manage them, are some of the wealthiest in the US. They could care a less about your environment, profit is the name of the game. And when it's done and up and running they will be gone to the next spot. Ask people around here, do not ask " Alcoa spokespeople" they are full of bull. Ask the Native American population from the reservation, Akwesasne, they will tell you what happened, they got it worse than we did. I can tell you Alcoa is nothing your beautiful island wants. Most likely, someone up high will profit but the masses will suffer. Sound familiar? I love Trinidad and TNT. I have been there the past three years alone because I truly love the Trini people and I love and respect your culture. Please get your children, your mothers, your fathers if you can get them, your educators, and most importantly your artists and musicians, to PROTEST THIS KILLER. Get your rasta's, your moko jumbies, call up your Calypsonians, and make your protest go down in history, so that when Alcoa does come in and they will, the legacy will be you fought the good fight. I am all about the truth, good luck. neenytyo.

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