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Oma's Puja Economics.

Years now the keep telling me how Indian people are 'resourceful'..
How they would eat Bargie and Rice everyday, save their money, and next 2 years they have the biggest grocery in Sando (If you believe that, I have another one to tell you). Now Dr. Kwame Nantambu telling meh bout, "Open My Eyes". But he cyah tell meh how to compete financially in a NARCO ECONOMY.
The fact of the matter is, with the econmic boom that T&T is experiencing, we should be turning out millionaires (from all walks of life) on a daily basis. This is the basic defination of a booming economy. Instead many are still dependant on the state to help provide basic necessities (housing) in such a "buzzing economy".
The Hindu and Syrian drug cartels do have a lock on the T&T economy, and it is duty of this government to help break that lock.

Basdeo Panday Gives a Different Story as he Takes the Stand in the Trial Against Him.

Former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday says the 199 thousand pound sterling deposited in a joint London bank account was part of a scholarship awarded to his children.

And he says he did not know that it existed until after charges were laid against him.

Mr. Panday took the witness stand on day five of the integrity in public life matter against him.

Mr. Panday took the witness stand at exactly 904 but it was only shortly before 11 o’clock the court heard that the 119 thousand, 183 Pounds deposited in the joint account was part of a scholarship given to his children by head of the CLICO conglomerate Lawrence Duprey.

Under questioning by lead attorney for the defence Queen’s Counsel Allan Newman, Mr. Panday emphatically denied that he knew anything about the London account before

proceedings against him began.

Mr. Panday said his wife Oma had opened the account in the early 80’s in her maiden name Oma Devi Ramkissoon, at Hammersmith with money he gave her.

Mr. Panday said his wife Oma frequently hosted his brother and her sister whenever they

visited Trinidad from London and they would reimburse her via the account.

The former Prime Minister explained his wife had full control of all his finances and she

would be the one in charge of the day to day proceedings as was the custom in Hindu families.

He said it became necessary to move the account to Wimbledon and some of the large

sums and transfers appearing on the bank statements are not new money but inter

account transfers.

He said he never inquired about what Mrs. Panday was doing with her money and all

statements were sent to her friend’s house in Surrey so he never saw them.

However when asked about the large injection of funds in Nov of 1997 Mr. Panday explained that another one of his children went to England to study from Canada and the

financial responsibilities doubled.

He said unknowing to him his wife approached Lawrence Duprey a close friend of the family, to help with a scholarship for the children, and he agreed.

Mr. Panday said that it was only after he was charged and he saw bank statements that his wife informed him of the large deposit.

When asked if he had requested or had promised any favors in return for the scholarship he replied no.

The former Prime Minister told the court that when he inquired about the 25 thousand pounds deposited his wife told him that it was not as a result of any business transaction but her personal money.

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