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Carnival, the Lenten Bobolee

It never fails, Carnival becomes the lenten bobolee, again. Note carefully, a number of individuals referred to as religious leaders have slammed the country's Carnival celebrations, saying that its vulgarity, nudity and drunkenness send a message that is confusing to children.

They urged that morality and family values be considered in the Carnival festivities. While I take no issue with their observations, I take the liberty to condemn their hypocrisy.

Two days of reckless and and immoral behaviour can in no way be compared to the filth in which the nation's population is immersed for approximately 363 days of the year. And to this these religious leaders are mute. They are being selective about their moral indignation while subtly suggesting that they are above the fray.

I wish to pose a hypothetical question to the leaders of the religious community: if we were to ban Carnival, would the filth and immorality that stain the moral fabric of our nation disappear? I don't think so.

If you really want to earn your tithes, I suggest that you redirect your presumed disdain to the leaders of our country who are held in high esteem by a dysfunctional population.

These individuals set the tone for banditry, immorality and filth. They do it in the name of politics and children are influenced as a result of it because their parents often have to live those lies as a means of survival.

Carnival is a marginal contributor that becomes the Lenten bobolee because it does not have a voice of its own and in which revellers find respite from the nationally induced rigors of a decaying society.

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