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Re: Faking Unity after 50 Years of PNM

I looked at the pictures, and to me the whole event looked as if it had a plastic feel to it. The members seemed liked they felt good about participating, but like they didn't trust one another. It looked staged and thats why they don't succed. They don't believe in what they claim to stand for. Good idea, bad follow through.

What is the use of having everyone dress in historic costume to celebrate the unity of Trinidad and Tobago today? Why cant they dress as modern day Trini's, perform modern Trini dances etc...? All they did in my mind was display their seperateness. What is their goal that holds them together politically. They are not together socially except at special events. People of different cultures living in western world countries have to have some issues to unite them. What are the PNM's issues?
The event looked like a stale lime with everyone hidding their daggers.

Maybe Whites/ people of European decent don't attend because they know it is going to be a bunch of bull demonstrated by what they deem to be the "lesser" people of the country? Some thing like the world fair held in this country decades ago.

Real unity comes from assimilation of one norm. The PNM has to establish that norm by doing away with these costume parties. It is what it is.

Where is the unity in T-N-T? Whites are economically elite. They are unified. Asians ( this includes Indians and Chinese) are the middlemen. They are unified individually perhaps. Africans or Blacks remain for the most part at the lower end, and they remain unified except for those who escaped the ghetto to only find that they are alone at the top and must be independent from any view that promotes their African identiy forcing them to identify with the veiws, concearns, and intrest of one of the other groups under the umbrella of unification. For what?
They need to address the real issues and designate a plan to make them work through a system of checks and balances. They check and balance one another to make sure that they steal from the country equally it appears.

I may be wrong perhaps, but those are my ideas from the pictures and what I have read. Somone help me out. Maybe you all can explain it to me better. Who are the PNM specifically and what is their goal? Are they doing what they claim to want to do? Why or why not in your opinion. What could be done to make the country a better place? One more thing, do you think that the idea of the PNM is a nobel perhaps just idea in Trinidad and Tobago? If not why? If so why?

I'm just curious.

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