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Greetings to all!! Time has come for a change in Trinidad & Tobago, the PNM government had their chance, now is the time to give the UNC a chance,the period that the UNC got in office is not enough.

They were seen as money squanderers, got caught up in financial scams etc. but who is investigating all the corruption done under the PNM government.

Get real PEOPLE!! all those thieves running around in the country right now, don't care if they have to eat SH...T to live,they consider themselves PNM.

The country is divided right now, between Race,African and Indian, the truth of the matter is no African wants any Indian to rule over them, and no Indian wants any African to rule over them.

Lets face it as it is Nah!! do not turn your face in the stark reality of the matter.What is being done about the crime situation in the country,everyday people is getting killed-with 382 for the year,how much before the new year?

From 1962-onward,when the PNM was in power,how much road got fixed? even though the natural products were there,what were being done for the hard workers who built the nation? what were being placed in operations for young people leaving school.?

They had their time, I say give the UNC a chance and let them prove themselves, give them two terms in office and let us see what would be the outcome.One term in office was not enough,to much people were on their case, give them a chance!!

So much $$$$$ were given into the various ministries- Police,Fire,Coast Guard,Who needs that Blimp? are they spying on people in their out house and bathrooms? Another one is coming! for what?

Billions $$$$$$$ for a small place like Trinidad,with the population only being 1.3 Million. What is the purpose for all these things? A bigger Parliament, A bigger Airport,For what?

Them and their vision 20/20 who would be around to see that, with the present crime situation taking place all around.Boast about freedom,boast about progress, but where would it go,with all the Blood being spilled on a daily basis.

Most of the people being robbed and kidnapped is Indians!! Most of the business places is owned by Indians, seems that one race don't have anything???? In times past Calypso's were sung mostly about Indian people-Why? others had no identity????

Racism is killing the land!! the politicians has destroyed the mutual bonding between the people,now is only fear and worries hanging over everybody head.When would all this stop? Where would it end? How many more must die,get rob,rape,kidnap, live in fear.

I take no stand on either pary at the moment, but Fair must be Fair, we can't be bias, we can't be a set of racists,this is our downfall,now it is affecting all,young and old,rich and poor.We want back Trinidad how it used to be,free to walk the streets,free to go wherever one chooses,I mean FREE.

Its time now for CHANGE,are we afraid of IT? Why I say give the UNC a Chance? Because this is the stark reality of being equal among our peers,having that equal opportunity to live side by side.

To much one-sidedness on one part, to long being in power and doing nothing, Give the people a CHANCE!!!!.

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