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Corrupt TnT politicians face US jail *LINK*

Corrupt TnT politicians face US jail
... if FBI arrests Syrian Mafia members

STEVE FERGUSON have been indicted in
the US on serious non-drug charges, but
no TnT politician is as yet carded to face
charges in America.

By Darius Figueira,

FBI DIRECTOR Robert S. Mueller III visited Trinbago on October 25, 2005 and since then the assault on the People’s National Movement (PNM) Government’s handling of the present criminal insurgency articulated through Arab, local White and French Creole spokespersons has ceased.

Clearly, these groups have returned to the PNM fold that has given them succour from 1956 to the present.

What was then the message that Mueller brought from the Washington beltway that reasserted their allegiance to the PNM, thereby ending their rebellion?

The murder rate is now in territory never experienced before in Trinbagonian history and Cadiz has gone silent.

The FBI Director visited The Dominican Republic (DR) on the October 24, 2005, which meant that Mueller visited the two command and control centres for the illicit drug trade in the Caribbean, in two consecutive days of the same week.

DR1 news reported on Mueller’s visit to the Dominican Republic as follows: “Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Director Robert S. Mueller III offered his co-operation to the Dominican authorities yesterday in the fight against public corruption, drug trafficking, people smuggling, terrorism, and violent crime.”

DR1 also reported on Mueller’s statements whilst in the Dominican Republic as follows: “He said that intelligence institutions in both countries have performed joint investigations into drug trafficking and people smuggling.

“Also, there have been several cases of people trying to enter the US who were found to be involved with terrorist groups.”

Judging by Mueller’s public statements on his visit to the DR and Trinbago, it is clear that FBI involvement in the policing of both states is driven by US strategic interests in the Caribbean.

The FBI is not then involved in the DR and Trinbago to prop up ruling parties but, in fact, to exert leverage and pressure to ensure that the governments of the DR and Trinbago toe the Washington line.

The primary flashpoints in Washington’s relations with the DR and Trinbago are President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela; Haiti comes a distant second.

The DR has signed on to Petro Caribe and given the negative impact high energy prices are having on the DR’s economy, the DR runs the risk of becoming heavily dependent on Venezuelan energy.

Trinbago’s energy economy and the strategic supply of LNG to the US means that the US is ever wary of Chavez’ energy agenda and its impact on Trinbago’s energy economy.

Mueller’s talk is then simply using the criminal insurgencies of the DR and Trinbago as leverage to ensure the compliance of the DR and Trinbago with US interests.

What then are the cards that the agencies of the US State hold on the politicians of Trinbago to ensure their compliance with US dictates?

The Syrian, Indian, Anglo Saxon, French Creole and Chinese illicit drug traffickers became traffickers of renown when they became employees of the Medellin cartel led by Pablo Escobar.

With the destruction of the Medellin cartel, the Trinbagonian race cartels attached themselves to a fledgling Colombian cartel, named the Valle Norte cartel that grew into the dominant cartel of the Colombian illicit drug trade.

As the fortunes of the Valle Norte cartel grew, so did the size, resources and power of the local employees of the Valle Norte cartel. The Syrians became a trans-Caribbean trafficking cartel with operations spanning the Caribbean Basin including Central America. The trans-Caribbean Syrian cartel would absorb the local and Caribbean operations of the Anglo Saxon cartel effectively forming the most formidable crime family in the Caribbean Basin.

The trans-Caribbean Syrian cartel effectively operates in the DR, Trinbago, Jamaica, Haiti, Guyana, Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Maarten, Curacao, Aruba and the French Departments.

The Valle Norte cartel and its operations are then the present basis of the wealth and power of the Syrian cartel, but the US and the Uribe government of Colombia have begun to dismantle the said cartel, as already two of its leaders have been extradited from Colombia to New York city, where grand jury indictments for illicit drug trafficking into the US were issued.

There is now a clear and present danger that the US can now have these leaders of the Valle Norte cartel give up prosecutable evidence to have members of the Syrian cartel extradited to the US for illicit drug trafficking into the US.

Furthermore, said prosecutable evidence can be supplied to members of the EU for the extradition of Syrian cartel members to member states of the EU for illicit drug trafficking to these countries.

This reality is the most potent, clear and present danger to all politicians of Trinbago, who have and are consorting with the Syrian cartel.

These politicians run the risk of being politically destroyed anytime the US sees fit.

Corrupt politicians must then toe the US line or face a US jail.

The grand jury investigation in Miami into Calmaquip over alleged involvement with the illicit drug trade is the lesson of the moment for the politicians of Trinbago.

The US and Colombian authorities brought down a relatively minor cartel, the Vargas cartel, which in no way measured up to the size and scale of Valle Norte, and in the course of the deal making and the giving up of information to US authorities, Calmaquip and the construction of the Piarco Airport was revealed.

These revelations by members of the Vargas cartel has led to a grand jury investigation involving Calmaquip, the Piarco Airport project and drug money laundering for the Vargas cartel through the project. The UNC can be negatively impacted.

Two of its financiers, top businessmen Ish Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson, have recently been indicted in the US in connection with serious allegations.

(Of course, there are no allegations of drug dealings by Ish and Steve).

The US has in the past utilised such information for its foreign policy agenda.

Therefore, politicians who are recalcitrant in the face of US demands can find themselves indicted by a grand jury, whilst those who toe the line live forever with the US axe over their heads.

As some politicians already do in Trinbago.

The danger is then posed by persons indicted and extradited to the US singing to save themselves.

Can the corrupt politicians of Trinbago be assured that with the extradition of a member of the Syrian or Indian or Chinese cartels to the US or Britain, that person would not sing like a semp to save themselves, thereby sinking the politicians.

That is why the politicians do all in their power to keep the US happy and dominant to ensure the safety of themselves and their drug overlords.

And that is why the victims of the illicit drug trade, the Africans and Mixed breed peoples of Trinbago, are now being made out to be the villains of the peace.

They have created the profile of the villain as the young urban African and Mixed breed male armed with a 9mm dressed in a three-quarter pants a vest and basketball shoes.

These persons are now the targets, and the policing agencies are waging war on persons that fit this profile.

The symptoms of the disease are now the causes of the disease.

As long as the symptoms are assaulted, the disease runs unchecked. The people of Trinbago must now understand that the criminal insurgency is as a result of the illicit drug and gun trade.

The criminal insurgency can never be defeated as long as the illicit trade thrives, and the politicians cannot end this trade because they sleep with the drug and gun lords.

The shaitan cannot forgive sin.

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