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Camera cellphones like mirror in shoelaces

The Editor: The childlike exploration of the birds and the bees used to be as innocent as a young boy slackening his shoelace to fit a piece of broken mirror which he most likely found at home and hid in his book bag to take to school to look up the girlsí skirts and the challenge of any young boy to see if he can see up the teacherís dress.

Bram! Itís 2005. The mirrors have been replaced with cellular phones which have built-in cameras with still photo and digital video capabilities.

No one is out of range of the macocious eye. Teachers are now vulnerable to the wicked and nasty culture plaguing todayís youth. Pupils are allowed to enter the classrooms with their cell phones; they donít place them in their shoelaces but take pictures and video record female teachers. The male teachers are also recorded.

The youngsters of today provoke teachers into an argument or a case where a teacher has to be stern with a student or students; the pupils will not record the cause of the incident but they will record the teacher reprimanding the pupils.

How is this described? I would like to know how the schools are addressing this attack on teachers more so how is the MoE going to solve this as it is not as simple as saying, "Itís not the parents and or students who are at fault." Who gives the students the phones? Who advises the students that recording someone in that manner can have legal implications?

What can a teacher do to protect his or her self from this unjust activity? I can assure you that a situation is going to evolve from students recording teachers against their will. Smile you can be on someoneís cellular phone.



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